Key To Success In NEET 2021


We all take up a test to come out with flying colours. But how many of us actually manage to do that? Especially, in this dog-eat-dog world, participating in an entrance test such as the NEET exam, where each is vying for that one meritorious seat. The competitive spirit is at its peak. So, how exactly does one go about ensuring success in NEET without having to go in for a second attempt? Rules are pretty simple if followed and implemented at each level. 

In this article, we bring to light some key suggestions and tips that are a must-do when it comes to preparing for the highly coveted and renowned medical entrance test, the NEET exam. NEET is an annually conducted test for medicine enthusiasts, qualifying at which earns them a meritorious seat in an undergraduate medical programme. 

Take a look at these tips here: 

Tip #1 Instilling Confidence 

If you are taking up a competitive test, one of the highly recommended traits to possess is enough confidence. It can, if not literally, help you move that mountain! Lack of confidence, in spite of having learnt a concept, causes you to withdraw from attempting questions at times, affecting your final score. Stay confident with whatever, how much ever you have learnt. You do not necessarily have to know everything. Be assured that you would be able to answer any question if asked from that topic which you studied. 

Tip #2 Motivated by the “why”

Ponder over “why” exactly you are taking up this test. What is the ultimate goal? With this as your focal point, stay motivated all through the journey. Remember, it is not going to be easy, but at the end of it, each sacrifice you made will be worth it. 

Tip #3 Ditch the “I know enough” outlook

If there is any aspect causing students to falter in competitive tests, it is underestimating the importance of preparation. An analogy to explain this situation is the example of a batsman, who with his talent hopes to succeed at a T-20 match as well as a test series. Just as both of these events require him to adapt to a different skill set with the same talent he has, depending on our goal, we need to work towards it systematically. Know how much is required to be known from the exam you are attempting. 

Tip #4 Know your test

Before attempting or even starting to prepare for the exam, interpret the demands of the exam. NEET is conducted for medical aspirants who have ideally cleared their class 12 board examinations. The syllabus for NEET is specified in the official website for NEET. Analyse the syllabus carefully. Evaluate previous years’ question papers to decode recurring and important questions. Comprehend the demand of the exam and let your actions follow suit.    

Tip #5 Work smart 

With smart work in play, you can work less yet be effective. Less practice and more studying cannot be as rewarding. Customize your study plan as per NEET, list down the important topics for NEET exam and prioritize your study plan accordingly. Topics that have not appeared in say last 20 years’ papers, less important topics do not require much of your attention. Focus on what is important. 

These were a few suggestions to succeed in NEET. You can consider taking up NEET coaching if you find difficulty in self-preparation. For this, you can subscribe to BYJU’S YouTube Channel, and get access to some amazing content on NEET. 






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