Keep These in Mind When Setting Up Your Cricket Team in Fantasy Cricket

Fantasy Cricket

Fantasy cricket is an online gaming sport, through which people can create their virtual teams on various apps and participate in matches. Also, Fantasy cricket enables users to win real cash prizes and rewards upon winning. Every registered user can make a team of 11 players. However, there should be players from the other team too. Users can choose up to 7 players from one team. The rest of the 4 players have to come from the opponent’s team. Your team will be locked before the actual game begins. Based on the real performance of the players, your team will be given points. 

Fantasy cricket has emerged to seep deep into the lives of people, especially during this lockdown. This game is filled with uncertainties. One has to think by the mind and be strategic and calculative enough. Before talking about anything else, let’s go through a few basic things you must remember while forming your team on any fantasy league app

  • Study the performance of the players:

This is the foremost point you have to remember. Before you pick players for your team, track their performances. Know whether they are in good form. Never go by your preferences. Often people choose great players, only because they are their favourites and end up losing money in the end. Study the recent performances of event players before making a decision. 

While making your team, you must be well aware of the strength and weaknesses of every player you want to include. Some might good spinners while some might be disasters in swinging and seaming. 

  • Make a calculated investment:

Some players have higher ratings than others. As a result, hiring them in your team means investing more. Yet sometimes, they fail to live up to the expectations of people. It’s always advisable to aim for young, fresh talents rather than choosing high rated players. However, your team must have the right balance between experienced players and young ones. 

  • Analyse pitch performance and weather conditions

You should mould your strategy, according to pitch performance. For instance, a flat pitch is what batsmen want. While picking up players, try to include fewer bowlers in your team. To understand pitch, you must research the stadium where the particular tournament is being held. Study the records of the previous matches that had been played there. 

Study the weather of the day too. If it’s dry, the pitch is likely to be slow. If that’s the case, try to include more spinners. Similarly, if the place has gentle winds blowing along with a cool weather, choose fast bowlers. 

  • Pick up more all-rounders

This is perhaps the biggest tip that can be extremely advantageous throughout the game. Choose players who can contribute in more departments. Choosing top-order players is important. But, choosing all-rounders is even more beneficial for your team. Such players will perform highly both as batsman and bowler and earn considerable points for their fielding. 

Above all, it’s important to use your mind and playfully build your team. This game is completely based on your skills. Every cricket lover is bound to love playing fantasy cricket. All you have to do is understand the game and make the right predictions. So, create your team, play fantasy cricket and win real cash today! 


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