Reasons why you shouldn’t DIY your ADU construction

ADU construction

It’s no secret that ADUs are invaluable additions with many economic, social, and environmental benefits for homeowners. They’re completely customizable and are based on your needs. However, building an ADU is not a simple DIY job, even with the numerous resources and videos on the internet.

If you’re considering building your own ADU, here are some reasons why you shouldn’t.

1. You’re not experienced

Building an ADU is a complex project that requires a trained and experienced professional. From choosing the best materials and skilled workers to finding the best way to use your existing space, only a qualified ADU contractor can create an entirely new living space that everyone can enjoy.

Additionally, an ADU contractor has experience handling utilities and permits and can consider particular factors such as drainage and privacy to guarantee the functionality of your ADU.

2. You’ll miss important steps

Developing ADU units requires a solid architectural plan and design. Unfortunately, as a DIYer, it’s easy to miss some essential steps during planning, which can adversely impact your entire project, costing you more money to resolve issues.

Luckily for you, an ADU contractor can plan out objectives and schematics more thoroughly before building your ADU.

3. You don’t have the right tools

Owning a few hammers, fasteners, and drills doesn’t make you a qualified ADU builder. The process requires more specialist equipment that can be expensive to purchase to complete one project. And, even if you were to hire the right equipment, you may use them incorrectly, compromising the structural integrity of your ADU.

4. It’s more stressful to DIY

An ADU project can go on for weeks or months, depending on the complexity of your design and your needs. This can be stressful and overwhelming, especially if you’re learning ADU construction as you build.

Alternatively, if you hire an ADU contractor, you have the peace of mind knowing your ADU will be completed on time and by an expert. This way, you don’t have to worry about materials, subcontractors, permits, and building codes.

Ultimately, it’s wise to hire an ADU contractor for a hassle-free building process.

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