The Different Body Types and Tips to Train Them

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Are you finding it difficult to lose body fat even sweating it out for hours in the gym or at home? Has your weight become a curse for you? If yes, then we can guarantee that you are not training or dieting based on your body type.

There is nothing to blame you because there are lots of people around who work out rigorously but are unable to achieve the set goal. It’s because their workout sessions are not in the right direction. Whatever the body type people own, they follow the same techniques and dieting rules, which is certainly not correct. To get the desired result, you must identify the body type and train accordingly.

We know it’s a bit confusing task, especially if you are not into the health and fitness industry. So, we recommend connecting with a personal trainer in London who will help you identify your body type and give the right training tips.

To initiate the learning of body types and the effective training tips for the same, we have posted this content.

Classification and tips to identify different body types


An individual with an endomorphic body type carries more than require fat throughout the body. The bone structures are stockier with larger midsection and hips. The worst part of endomorphic is that people gain fat fast but loses slow. Besides, the metabolism is naturally slow and affected by chronic conditions.


People with mesomorphic body type have a medium bone structure with shoulders wider than the hips. The physique of the mesomorphic people has athletic musculature which is impressive. Besides, as compared to endomorphic, mesomorphic individuals have efficient metabolism, and is relatively easy to gain and lose body mass.


The ectomorphic body type means more narrow shoulders and hips with respect to height. In respect to the bone length, the muscles are relatively smaller. The best part of the ectomorphic body type is naturally fast metabolism which makes it difficult for the people to gain mass.

Training tips for different body types 

For Endomorphic

For endomorphic people, the primary focus is on the fat loss techniques to achieve desirable body composition. Personal trainer relies on resistance training that helps in strengthening and stabilizing the joints. Besides, consistent aerobic and anaerobic training helps in increasing metabolic efficiency in endomorphic individuals. 

For Mesomorphic 

Without a doubt, training for mesomorphic individuals is a bit easier because their metabolisms are relatively efficient. The workout is defined based on the mesomorphic effect on the individual’s body. If the body is not athletic, the minimal foundational workout is instructed to achieve the fitness goal.

For Ectomorphic

The challenges for the ectomorphic individuals are opposite to the endomorphic individuals. The highly active metabolisms and slender bone structures make it hard for the people to put on mass and keep it on. So, exercise techniques for hypertrophy and maximal strength are prioritized for ectomorphic individuals.

Now, you very well know the different body types and effective tips to train them. So work in coordination with a personal trainer London and stay healthy forever.

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