The 15 best project management software and tools

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When it comes to having to manage a project from A to Z with several stakeholders and deadlines, using management software is often essential. There are various more or less powerful tools available for free or for a fee. In this article, I offer you a selection of the best project management tools that I have been able to test.

What is a project management tool?

A project management tool, as the name suggests, allows a company to plan work and improve the management of its tasks. This is software that differs from one project to another and from one field of activity to another. This management solution deals with all facets of a project and can work on several activities at the same time. Its main objective is to help the project manager in all stages of the mission: from the most important to the smallest details. A management tool makes it possible to deal with various organizational problems. Concretely, it helps to plan the tasks leading to the success of the project. Thus, distributing the work to be done becomes easier. The Folio3 cattle management software  is able to set up a personalized schedule, manage human resources, and know the approximate duration of each task It can also solve some common problems like lack of communication and sharing of documents.


Accessible entirely online, allows users to plan, organize and track projects in one place. is also fully collaborative and this is even the strength of the tool. So you can quickly share files, comment on items, and even tag team members especially those who take care of specific tasks. Unlike its competitors, is fully customizable online project management software. It is possible to start from an already existing template and then adapt it according to your needs and your use. Scheduled tasks, work in progress and completed items are distinguished by different colors, so that you have an overview of what is being done and what still needs to be done. The prices offered are also very interesting because they are decreasing according to the number of people in your team. You can find my opinion on where I dissect the tool. Finally, there is a 14-day free trial version.

  1. Asana

Much like Trellis, Asana is an online organization tool that has many features. It was mainly designed to manage team work. This free version offers features for up to 15 people. Asana Free offers its users task management interfaces, pages for creating projects, and a calendar. It is also possible to insert attachments and interact on the platform. For more complex tasks and larger staff, companies goes for the premium version of Asana. Task management thus becomes more detailed with the possibility of adapting the evolution of the project in diagram form, of making reports, of creating personalized fields for each employee or of organizing work in a well-defined chronological order. Either way, Asana is an easy-to-use management tool that delivers high-quality services. When it comes to data security, the platform remains very vigilant and uses the most efficient security servers.

  1. Teamwork

Teamwork is an online project and work management software that has integrated collaborative tools. It supports different project management methodologies with a variety of views, templates and customization. Users are able to plan projects, the various associated tasks and to collaborate. Teamwork also helps deliver results faster with smart apps and third-party tool integration. In particular, it is possible to produce precise reports, whether it is an overview or details on schedules, workload, portfolio, etc. Teamwork offers an intuitive and unique dashboard that allows you to see only your most recent tasks. This feature can be useful for identifying high priority targets and dealing with them first, even if you have to deal with a multitude of projects. The tool has an invoicing tab which can be useful. It can create billable timesheets to generate invoices for your customers. Invoices are generated directly from your timesheets, bringing transparency to your invoicing process for customers. You can find my test on Teamwork, if you want to know more about this software.

  1. Temple

Temple is a project management tool that connects meeting reports to action plans. This online software has been specially designed to structure collaboration around the meeting. It provides a solution to better move from meeting to action. To help you prepare for your next meetings, Temple allows you to review the progress of your projects and comment on the various actions. At the end of the meeting, a roadmap is automatically published and sent to the invitees by email. Unlike other competing software, Temple adapts the view of users according to their access rights. Temple’s added value also resides in the expertise of its consultants in providing a tailor-made consulting and support service for the teams. By opting for Temple; you are opting for an innovative management tool to make your meetings productive moments. Think of Temple to optimize your next meetings! You can test it for free without obligation.

  1. Trellis

If Trellis is one of the most used project management tools, it is undoubtedly thanks to its accessibility. Free, it does not require any download and its handling is done directly online. All you need to do is identify yourself to access professional data. In addition to logging in via a computer, you can access your Trellis account via an iPhone or Android. Trellis was designed with the aim of making it easier for professionals to manage tasks. It offers easy-to-use interfaces with tables and maps. Boards are the foundation for planning tasks in Trellis. 

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