Outsourcing IT backups: how important is business data?

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Entrusting the management of backing up and securing your data to an external service provider is a question that many companies are asking themselves today. The opportunity for us to take a look at IT backup outsourcing   ! Currently, the main method used by businesses is physical media backup. Little suited to the uses of SMEs, it is generally carried out by non-specialized people, and rarely fits into a strategy with procedures guaranteeing the continuity of backups during absences or holidays. Conversely, several types of outsourced “cloud” type backups allow you to back up your business data in an efficient and appropriate manner, all without human intervention.  Focus on these services, from the method to the possible service levels.

A backup method

During an outsourced backup, the data travels over the Internet to be stored in the service provider’s servers. It offers its customers servers entirely and exclusively dedicated to copying information, and data backup is entrusted to a specialized team with expertise in this field. Of course, each backup mode has its advantages and disadvantages. And the use of internal backup means in addition to an external data backup is useful (and recommended for frequent file restores). However IT Outsourcing Companies in UAE is a that both allow the client to relieve himself of this subject with confidence and to enjoy its benefits calmly: +  Scheduling of backups  : can be performed every day – with or without agents installed on the Servers and workstations – in order to be able to copy the data to be transmitted automatically at the end of each day to fully secured hosted servers.+  Automation  : this type of backup system makes it possible to manage and therefore copy files of all sizes (and particularly large ones!) In a scalable manner. Depending on the needs of the client company, the service provider can propose adapted service offers with, for example, more efficient storage spaces. + Management: the synchronization of backups can be fine-tuned. The storage capacities made available are moreover most often significant, and allow

Company data or information capital

The data – as soon as it is saved – becomes searchable from anywhere and at any time. We can also list other significant assets: + the service provider takes care of all the operations. + The data is protected from accidents (it’s a real experience!). Fire, theft, flood, damaged hard disks… In the event of an incident, a very small amount of data, or even no data, is then lost. + The overall cost of the operation is often lower compared to a solution comprising all the traditional internal storage media and related services (including daily human intervention, human outsourcing, server maintenance and media drive maintenance).+ Outsourced backup is a sustainable solution, lasting over time+ The security and confidentiality of information is guaranteed. For example, A2COM RESADIA is ISO 27001 and HDS certified and can therefore host so-called “sensitive” data such as health data. Weak points / risks may still exist in this area. We will think about subjects such as: + Dependence on a provider. Confidence in your partnership is essential!+ The need for an efficient internet connection… for efficient programming and automation management+ Correct assessment of your storage capacity needs in order to avoid paying in a vacuum or exceeding the fixed rate Despite these risks (inherent in any service provision), online backup of your IT assets in latest generation data centers is the  best life insurance for your data  regardless of the type of attack or accident impacting your infrastructure. And it is therefore necessary to choose a trusted service provider to manage these needs.

A “service level” of backup

As discussed above, the level of service of outsourced data backup may vary. Basically, any company has the possibility of benefiting from the same guarantees as those obtained by the large groups, and this, without needing either to invest in expensive equipment, or to have the necessary skills in-house. However, additional security precautions are possible depending on the risks (with continuous data storage in several different datacenters, in different physical locations, etc.). Technical crashes, human error, viruses or hacking and other forms of computer hacking require the implementation of a data backup plan adapted to the types of information kept by the company and to its sensitivity. Outsourced backup can also be part of the implementation of a virtual Business Recovery Plan (PRA) or Business Continuity Plan (PCA), simpler and more accessible for SMEs than traditional PRAs and PCAs. .Solutions adapted to each SEO company Sydney exist and external online backups offer both very high levels of security for investment costs much lower than those previously devoted to data backup. Despite the development of the concept of information capital, SMEs do not seem to have fully understood the risks incurred in the event of loss of information or unavailability of their data. And this despite a reliable, practical and efficient alternative, allowing companies to reduce the risks associated with the loss of information. Today, outsourced backup is no longer an option and your IT service provider or managed services company should be able to advise you on the best corporate data backup strategy to adopt.

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