Benefits of active love life

Benefits of active love life

Benefits of active love. Why is it worth making love regularly?

Making love, culminating in an intense orgasm, is undoubtedly one of the most popular human activities. The feelings of excitement and enjoyment that people experience during s*x are simply indescribable. Anyone who experiences them during love knows what they are talking about. However, in addition to pleasant pleasures, loving also brings a number of other benefits to the human body and health.

Do you want to lose weight? Have love!

If you need to lose weight and do not have time for sports activities, find time for regular love. With regular and intense lovemaking, the same processes take place in the body as with exercise. Various studies have examined the relationship between weight loss and s*x. Based on them, it was evaluated that active love replaces up to an hour of hard work in the fitness center. 

But what do you mean by active love? That’s easy. He can’t just lie down during love and wait for all his work to be done by his partner. You have to get involved, move, and change positions use Fildena at Himsedpills or vigora. Do you know which positions are best for effective weight loss? The ones you perform standing! That’s when you’re forced to work hard and burn a lot of calories.

Body shaping

Along with losing weight during love, you also shape your figure and strengthen the muscles of the whole body. It is no secret that lovemaking has a beneficial effect, especially on problem areas – thighs, buttocks, or abdomen. If ladies need to strengthen their internal thigh muscles, they should prefer positions with outstretched legs. 

If they are bothered by the outer muscles of the thighs, knee, or “hobby” positions are suitable. Every single position can engage the buttocks, so you strengthen the muscles in this area automatically. And what about the belly? Simply work harder, intensify your breathing, and the results will come in this area as well.

Disease prevention

During love, endorphins are released into the blood – the hormones of happiness, which are responsible for a good mood and feelings of happiness. The happier a person is, the more depression and various diseases disappear from his life. 

Love balances the level of love hormones in the blood has a positive effect on the quality and elasticity of the skin, and people who indulge in love games regularly look younger than their peers. In men, more testosterone is flushed into the blood during love, which contributes to protein production. 

In addition, regular love is a great prevention against erectile dysfunction or prostate cancer. In women, love counteracts the formation of varicose veins, cellulite, and increases the volume of the breast. During lovemaking, nerve fibers are also involved, thus preventing the development of neurological diseases. Thanks for love, you will also improve your body’s digestion and metabolism.

It is not effective for everyone

Shock wave therapy is recommended for men in whom erectile dysfunction is not associated with other illnesses or problems. They simply began to have problem erections with increasing age and were unable to identify other causes that would cause the condition to worsen use Fildena 150mg. Although all men can undergo treatment, they may not expect positive results.

If erectile dysfunction has occurred as a result of diseases (diabetes, high blood pressure, etc.), the use of drugs for these diseases, mental disorders, or unbalanced levels of hormones in the blood, treatment may not have the promised effect. It is especially effective for those men who have directly weakened blood vessels and axillary bodies in the organ.

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