Use Managed Wireless Network Services

WAN for phone
WAN for phone

Managed WiFi – A Managed WiFi service with features like improved security management, ubiquitous coverage in homes, device connection support, guest management on WiFi, remote maintenance, and assistance using a mix of monitoring and administrative tools which will update the network performance and customer experience.

Fully Managed WiFi Service 

Guest WiFi service delivery includes safe onboards your staff and visitors onto the filtered web. Completely branded and customizable User Experience with various approval options, including via social media login. Functionality for Customer Behavior Analysis, Event Promotion, ROI, and App Integration. Wide User Support and Project Management. 


Complete solution from design, installation and management

Guest WiFi networks with bandwidth management and network management

Enterprise-grade, best of breed gear and equipment 

Bespoke User Experience structure and customization 

Integration with various services, for instance, applications, surveys and CRM 

Very much arranged WiFi Scheme authorized content filtering, web content filtering

Business intelligence through Analytics 

Customer engagement and ROI opportunities

GDPR and legal compliance with throughout every day remarkable support

Benefits of Managed WiFi Services 

Managed WiFi offers wireless Internet access for workers, tenants, and guests all through a property. The services typically included with managed WiFi includes providing your bandwidth or fiber line, resident support, network controllers, switches, cabling, and that is only the start. 

Fundamentally, managed WiFi provides the internet through a whole building, filling the prerequisites of customers. These services are 100% the commitment of your managed WiFi provider and not your staff. 

The provider works with the building owners to identify who and where the access will be given, then monitors the performance and utilization. Enterprises that can benefit by managed WiFi services consolidate real estate, health care, financial institutions and hospitality.

High security 

WiFi is a broadcast medium, basically insecure. You significantly lessen the chance of suffering through a security break, by giving compliance and security off to professional staff. Managed WiFi services offer layered security – encryption, centralized approval, tracking of customers and devices, interference detection, and significantly more.

Greater visibility

Update security, increment valuable business data and insights for organizations of any size, and access content from anywhere with an internet connection.

Secure WiFi is the equivalent. 

Technology, specifically mobile devices, is changing rapidly — typically in 12 to 18-month cycles. After just two cycles those tools will have completely changed, delivering your wireless network outdated.

The current WiFi networks have an incredible time of reasonable functionality of 3 to 4 years, along these lines, with everything taken into account, it’s a perfect time to upgrade to support the latest technology. 

This is one of the essential reasons a managed WiFi system is what’s necessary today. Why experience going through huge amounts of money just to do everything again in 3 to 4 years—this sort of purchasing model isn’t attainable.

Like Office 365, WiFi as a Service offers all companies, with the opportunity to get the network parts and managed network services they need, to deliver the best class of service to their end-users all-through an affordable, versatile, always up-to-date subscription.

The subscription packages bundles are also versatile. You can purchase the hardware or equipment with a large one-time payment and then purchase managed services using a month to month subscription. Or of course, you can purchase everything through Wi-Fi as a Service—the decision is yours.

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