How much is the replacement cover for Apple 6s? Iphone6s replacement back cover tutorial

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marc andre julien vJ24hBps1qY unsplash

Soon after the iPhone 6s was released, some customers broke the case and deformed it. Today we will introduce you to Apple

How much does it cost to change the back cover of 6s? How do I change the back cover of 6s?

How much does it cost to change the back cover of 6s?

After-sales maintenance points do not replace the back cover. If the shell is deformed, the customer can only be asked to increase the cost of the new machine after the sale, the price is 2000 pounds

Yes, the third-party phone repair (telefoon reparative) point was replaced with an original back cover of approximately £500. Depending on the region, customers with strong hands-on ability can

Come and tell us how to change the back cover.

First, remove the two screws at the bottom

Remove the filter carefully with a suction cup

Remove the screw from the battery button

Then unscrew the screw on the screen cover and carefully remove the screen

Remove vibration feedback carefully

Next, we will remove the battery. After the vibration is eliminated, we can see two felt strips connected to the battery

Remove the felt strips firmly and evenly

Remove the battery

Next, let’s remove the camera

After the camera is removed, let us remove the motherboard. The only special screw on the motherboard, we need a special screwdriver to take it out

Remove the wifi antenna

Take out all the motherboard screws, and then take them to the motherboard

Next, we successfully removed the horn and tail plug

Next, remove the startup cable

After all disassembly, a complete disassembly drawing is drawn

What to do if the speaker of the iPhone is broken, how to repair it.

In the process of using our iPhone, sometimes it is inevitable to find that the speaker is broken. Then sometimes you feel that the speaker is broken. In fact, it is a misunderstanding. The speaker is not broken, but it needs to be cleaned. Do not go to the mobile phone shop to repair it unless you have to.1

In the first case, after our iPhone has been used for a long time, it is easy to get into the dust and sound like the speaker is broken. The easiest way is to dip alcohol in front of it and rub it on the speaker continuously to clean the dust and disinfect.

  1. We have also seen that the speaker hole of the iPhone is very small. If the face label cannot be repaired, we will find a small brush with fine hair. Remember, a small brush with fine hair dipped in alcohol, and constantly brushed to clean the dust. If after cleaning, The sound of the speaker is still wrong, then it means the problem of the speaker.
  2. 3

If the iPhone speaker is broken, you can only go to the iPhone repairing near me to find someone who repair iPhone. Generally speaking, you can buy the speaker online for tens of dollars. The average person may not install it. If you go to the mobile phone store, it may cost more than 100. After all, the labor cost It’s expensive, and the price of different models of iPhone speakers may also be different.

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