How India thwarted security risks by adopting modern security methods for Ayodhya event 

modern security methods for Ayodhya event
modern security methods for Ayodhya event

Idia, a multicultural nation, is known for organizing large scale events throughout the year. While it is a big challenge to host such events in the first place, the security risk however, is always enormous during these gatherings. Recently, the much awaited event of Ayodhya foundation laying ceremony was organized in the backdrop of predicted security risk. The Indian government had to integrate advanced security measures to thwart such challenges during the event.   

Enhancing its security practices substantially, the Indian government turned to modern security methods with CerbAir, a French state-of-the-art airspace surveillance company, coming to the rescue. The company managed the overall security risk that usually comes with hosting such events, especially with millions of people watching the proceedings. 

CerbAir is known for comprehensively managing airspace security, on the back of technology-driven solutions, which was evident during the Ayodhya event. Recently funded by global investment firm Boundary Holding, led by Rajat Khare, the firm has achieved great recognition for its innovative solutions.  

Organising such an important and sensitive event requires great expertise, and it was quite an achievement for the Indian government to avoid any untoward incident. The integration of modern security measures certainly helped in evading any potential attempt to derail the proceedings. Modern tech often plays a significant role to help governments and enterprises protect sensitive sites and information from malicious activities. 

Especially, the airspace security has always been a challenge for organizing any event. While it is easier for the administration to plan route diversions and put barricades at various places to ease traffic movement, airspace security remains a complex issues to ensure complete security. This is where the usage of drones is the highlight of several security arrangements, and the Ayodhya event was no exception. 

Over the years, India’s cooperation with Europe has played a pivotal role in changing the face of security in the country. Especially, when it comes to the usage of modern equipment, French tech companies like CerbAir have offered state-of-the-art solutions, replacing traditional methods to combat newly emerging risks and vulnerabilities. Having avoided a major security challenge with the successful completion of Ayodhya foundation laying ceremony, the country can further beef up its security paradigm with integration of new, smart and comprehensive security systems in the future.

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