CISSP Certification Job Opportunities

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Cybersecurity is one of the fastest-growing problems in the IT sector. Public platforms are prone to cyber-attacks. In other words, Cybersecurity is the protection of digital networks and data from theft by hackers. These hackers might steal your data and leave the network corrupted or damaged. The software and sometimes the hardware can also get affected. This affects the security of the organizations as well as our confidence to rely on them.

A career in Cybersecurity is beneficial these days as it is rapidly progressing. The main reason behind the growth of Cybersecurity is that the rate of cybercrimes is on the rise. And, if you think that cybercrime should only concern the big organizations, you are wrong. Cybercrimes don’t discriminate between the sizes of the organizations. Anyone can come under the target of hackers constantly looking to steal information. There are many types of cybercrimes, and each of them has a dangerous impact on the lives of people. 

A career in Cybersecurity

A career in Cybersecurity is beneficial because it will give you a broad range of job opportunities. You can explore those options and get acquainted with the various methods of getting rid of cybercrimes. We are currently witnessing rapid growth in Cybersecurity services and applications. There are thousands of big Cybersecurity organizations that are looking to hire skilled and efficient Cybersecurity professionals. Tackling cybercrimes is never easy. It needs years of expertise in a particular domain of Cybersecurity. The expertise will come only when you get a certification. 

The CISSP certification or the Certified Information Systems Security Professional is the best certification in the field of Cybersecurity. It is provided by ISC 2 and is preferred by many individuals and organizations around the world. 

How to become a CISSP certified professional?

You need to clear the exam to be able to get the CISSP certification. The exam consists of 100 to 150 questions that you have to answer within 3 hours. The questions are based on Cybersecurity and its allied principles. 


  • Five years of experience in 2 or more domains of the CISSP Common Book of Knowledge.
  • A bachelor’s degree with a 4-years course. The subject must be from the CISSP list of approved study courses. 
  • If you don’t have the necessary experience, you can appear for the basic exam and then learn for five years after which, you will get the CISSP certification.

The average cost of the CISSP exam is nearly $600. The cost varies with various factors like location or exam mode. The total duration of the exam is 6 hours. It is rigorous, and you need to prepare well for it. 

To prepare for the CISSP exam-

You can either enroll yourself for a formal training course or read from online videos. There are several training centers where you can take coaching for the CISSP exam. 

You can also prefer to prepare at home and do self-study. The best way to prepare at home is by buying study guides and other materials. You need to prepare for at least 50 to 60 hours. If you have prior experience, 40 hours of study would be sufficient for you. 

What are CISSP job opportunities?

There are plenty of job opportunities for CISSP professionals. The CISSP is meant for individuals wishing to start a career in Cybersecurity. If you want to pursue a career as a network architect, IT director, Managing cloud security, security analyst, or a security systems engineer, then you should go for the certification. 

If you wish to change your career to Cybersecurity, then also you can opt for this certification. It will validate your skills and make you more efficient. 

Here is a list of jobs that a CISSP certified professional is eligible for.

  • Chief Information Security officer
  • Security systems administrator
  • Information security analyst
  • IT security architect
  • Chief information security advisor
  • Principal Cybersecurity manager
  • Senior information security officer
  • Senior IT operations expert
  • Security director
  • Security auditor
  • Security network developer
  • Security systems chief engineer

There is a long list of job opportunities available for CISSP individuals. The above-mentioned roles were a small fragment of the multitudes of job opportunities available for certified professionals.

The current job market favors Cybersecurity professionals because all the leading companies are facing a shortage of skilled Cybersecurity experts. You can use this time to enhance your skills and get ready to face the challenges of Cybersecurity.

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