What is the Wifi Marketing solution for brands in 2020?

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Along with the development of technology and the need for information, entertainment and sharing of consumers, connecting to the internet, in particular, using wifi on mobile devices or portable wifi, is extremely necessary and familiar belong. Wifi is becoming an essential part of the internet boom. For businesses, taking advantage of Wifi Marketing in marketing and promoting new products and services is a new trend. Let’s update with the latest information about Wifi Marketing solutions for brands in 2020 through the following article!

The importance of Wifi Marketing solutions

Wifi Marketing is currently an advertising trend of businesses, through the form of Wifi Marketing to help brands easily convey the message and market new products and services to customers. Instead of users having to enter a wifi password to connect, they will have to interact with the brand to be able to use the free high-speed internet. According to the report, 96% of consumers are satisfied with the shopping experience and will be able to return to stores that offer free wifi.

Wifi Marketing also helps to market, promote products as well as media campaigns, promotions to consumers. At the same time, it also helps improve customer experience in the process of using products and services of the business. It can be said that this is the advertising solution for brands in the current age of technology 4.0.

Why should we use Wifi marketing solution?

Demand for using Wifi of the user is huge. Using Wifi Marketing will help businesses solve difficulties such as having to set a password and changing them constantly to avoid many people around using ‘wifi pagoda’ causing network congestion, or network overload condition. access or unnecessary mistakes when customers must ask staff password to connect to the internet …

With Wifi marketing, you only need to open Wifi mode on mobile devices, choose to connect to Wifi of the publishing center, then a popup will appear, asking you to click on the banner or reply to some information. basic to continue using wifi. Quickly complete the steps above, you will be able to access and use free wifi with fast access speed.

With these utilities, Wifi marketing is gradually a new marketing trend selected by brands in the technology era. This solution not only helps brands optimize the cost of advertising but also conveys the product message to consumers.

And yet, here are the main advantages that will partly explain the reasons why businesses should use Wifi marketing:

  • Easy to install and use.
  • Cost savings for advertising activities.
  • Better bandwidth management, stable internet connection, no worry of congestion.
  • Ensure your marketing message to customers because if customers want to use wifi, they must access and interact with the brand.
  • Expand potential customers through advertisements.

Benefits of Wifi marketing solution

Wifi marketing with many attractive gadgets and brand promotion solution is used by many brands for the following benefits:

With customers

Bring convenience to users: The demand for internet use of people is always high, especially in public places, shopping centers … so if your brand provides wifi marketing system Free will help customers increase connectivity, satisfy their Internet access needs, and increase brand friendliness.

Create a professional customer experience: According to survey data, up to 62% of businesses say that customers stay in the store longer thanks to free wifi connection. That is also the reason why you should consider investing in wifi marketing to retain customers, increase the time users experience in your store more.

With the brand

  • The service is transmitted immediately to customers with just one click: Using Wifi marketing, many businesses take advantage of it as a channel to promote the brand’s communication messages to consumers with just one click. use wifi. Customers are required to access those ads if they want to use wifi and connect to the Internet, so that the brand’s communication campaign will be more effective, reaching the right audience. Target customers and maximum users. In addition, Wifi Marketing will be an Omni channel marketing channel that has become popular with low cost and high ability to reach target customers thanks to the wide coverage of the internet network and the increasing demand for using the network. consumption. Wifi Marketing is a business trend that is trusted by many brands, especially with retail brands.
  • Attract customers to find products and opportunities to grow sales: With the basic information gathered from user data, businesses and brands will develop detailed strategies to reach customers. Target customers as well as more attentive customer care after they use and experience the product. With the form of Wifi marketing, it helps businesses reduce the burden of advertising finance but also bring opportunities to grow sales. As for the customers, they have just experienced free wifi and gained access to new products and services.
  • Collecting customer information: Via Wifi Marketing, enterprises will collect customer information through their Internet connection behavior. You will be able to collect some key information of users such as age, gender, email, needs, interests … That will help businesses understand their demographics and plan to build. Develop appropriate marketing strategies.

Some other benefits like:

  • Manage internet connection better, do not worry network congestion
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Building close relationships between brands and customers
  • The form of interaction is simple but highly effective
  • Easily customize marketing campaigns according to the specific stages that businesses desire.
  • Fast and accurate measurement analysis system.

Potential Wifi marketing solution in USA

This is considered a combination of Social Media and Wifi marketing in product marketing. With a simple operation of connecting customers’ mobile devices to the Internet at service points, you can convey the product marketing campaign in the most natural way to a large number of users.

Psychology of users always want to use free services, especially internet wifi at shopping centers, shops, public places. This will be a great opportunity for brands to take advantage of this trend to promote products and brands. In the future, this is also an inevitable trend of businesses, especially those businesses in the retail sector.

One of the huge disadvantages when using wifi marketing, explaining the potential of using this form in the future, is that many brands are so popular that the devices for Wifi Marketing are integrated. Google Analytics, which helps you to count visits by day / month, control interaction rate, understand user behavior through how they access the wifi system to evaluate the effectiveness of marketing campaigns. as well as adjustments in line with the general trend.

Wifi Marketing figures

According to a survey by Sixth Sense Media, people are increasingly dependent on technology and search functionality when making purchase decisions:

  • 91% of adults have been accessing smartphones 24/7
  • $ 21 billion is the amount of business spending on mobile advertising in 2012.
  • 9/10 mobile searches are converted to customers.
  • 13% of advertisers are advertising applications on Wifi Marketing at the selected location.
  • 30% of advertisers are applying mobile coupons.
  • 73% of customers use a phone to decide shopping behavior at the store.

 It is possible to make money from Wifi marketing and other wifi marketing services.


Above is the general information about wifi marketing solutions in 2020 for brands. It can be said that in the current technological age, wifi marketing is a new marketing trend for brands, which not only enhances the customer experience but also reaches many potential customers in a best way natural.

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