Seven Creative Ways to Beautifully Arrange Potted Plants Outdoors

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When you are designing the outdoors of your home, all you want is the best in look and feel. While there are many factors to accomplish that, what potted plants can achieve is something that nothing else can do for you.

If you think that just having potted plants will do all for you, it won’t. If you are looking to set your space in a beautiful mode, all you need is a combination of plants and your imagination. How you manage to capture the attention of the onlookers is what will set your space different from others. So, how you are going to put the best large decorative outdoor planters in a way that fascinates everyone? We list some key tips for the proper arrangement of potted planters:

  • Create a Purpose

The first and foremost thing that you should do is create a purpose from your potted plant arrangement. They shouldn’t look awkward or out of place at all. Whether it is about breaking the landscape, laying the planters on the flat paths or having a cohesive decoration look on the stairs, you can go through several ideas that will make your décor lively and enjoyable.

You can have the plants placed parallel on either side of the walkway, with varieties to boast of, while ensuring there is some sort of pattern to it. 

  • Have Them Create a Sculpture

When there is the diversity that you are looking to plant, why not use them in a way that speaks of volume by creating an all-fit sculpture. It would take just a little bit of imagination and thought-through from your side, but in the end, all you will get is an attached design layout that has a unified look and feel.

  • Go Through Patterns

Unique landscaping is the result of diversity from your end. And this is what you can achieve effortlessly by following a pattern. Work through an underlying theme, and never let the arrangement create confusion as you work with a blend of different size and type plants. If you are following a rose pattern, then this should be the focal point of the entire display, while you go along placing other plants to compliment this theme. Whether it’s the flower pattern or any other pattern, all you have to do is pick a theme and work according to that.

  • Make Sure They Match

While you go diverse and unique, it doesn’t mean that you leave out the plant matching. Keeping a match isn’t about keeping them all the same, but it’s about how the variations in size, type, and color go blended with each other. Make sure that the plant isn’t too small, or too large, or too vibrant for a certain planter. You also have to maintain that the natural beauty of the planter isn’t compromised. You can follow the surrounding colors as the base for highlighting the landscape design.

  • Don’t Let Go Of the Diversity

While we talk about all other things, diversity is one aspect that you should not overlook at all costs. Short, tall, slim, fat, and all other variations in sizes and types, you shouldn’t forego these details. A garden that has different levels of height in plants will mean that people will notice the intricate details, which isn’t possible when there is only one height placement of the plants. You shouldn’t end with either too large or too small plants only. Height is a big factor when arranging your planters and tall planters are a must-have, but that shouldn’t be the only choice that you have. You should stack them keeping all the aspects in place.

  • Consistent Finish

A cluster of planters is what will give you a unified and consistent finish that you are looking for. How well you are going to fit different plants together defines how well you are going to get the output. If you are confused about this, a simple trick will do well for you – place a large plant in the center and surround it with smaller plants. You would have a focal point as well as a whole decorative look and finish to the setting.

  • Different Varieties of the Same Plant

If you are looking to maintain the same texture while also having a diverse look, trying out different variations of the same plant will give you the desired output. This variation can be in the different size of the plant, different color flowers, and much more; the way you feel will create the desired, beautiful outlook.

So, how do you think that you are going to achieve the anticipated and adorning outlook and finish that you want from your potted plants’ placement and arrangement. Working through the above tips and using the best large decorative outdoor plantersas well as small planters, in a creative way will definitely help you get the best finish.


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