Open kitchen, the heart of the home

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Family breakfast, homework check, or an aperitif with dear guests – there’s always something going on in the open kitchen. That makes it the centre of life, but also a design challenge. There are a few points to consider if the kitchen and living room are to become one, but with kitchen remodel walnut creek, your new kitchen will also become the centrepiece of your home.

Planning the kitchen, Tips for the right kitchen planning

Buying a new kitchen is usually a fairly high investment. So that you can enjoy it for as long as possible and the kitchen work is as easy as possible, we will show you the most important points that you have to pay attention to when planning your kitchen.

Do you want to fulfill your dream of a new kitchen? Then you cannot avoid good kitchen planning. In advance, you should deal with an online kitchen planner or traditionally with squared paper, scale and pencil. We show you how to plan your new kitchen from scratch.

Creates a checklist for the needs and wishes of all family members. This includes a blueprint of your kitchen with the position of all connections, windows, doors, and radiators, but also your body size. Because you better adjust the working height of your new kitchen. Your back will thank you.

When it’s time to remodel your kitchen, you want a reliable expert like KBF Design Gallery to take care of the entire process.

The standards: one and two-line kitchens

The minimum is the one-line kitchen: You need to store the most important appliances and storage space on at least three running meters, the most practical work surface between the sink and the stove. The shortcoming of the small working space is best compensated for by tabletops that can be folded out or pulled out.

The two-row kitchen, on the other hand, is a miracle of space: you can stow a lot here in a small space. Leave at least 1.20 meters of space between the work surfaces so that you can move. Cleverly divides the sides, one with a worktop for working, the other with electrical appliances and cupboards. While the two-line kitchen skillfully fills a small room, the open kitchen offers a kitchenette as a counter.

The opulent: U and G-shaped kitchens

The U-kitchen is also ideal for open floor plans and large eat-in kitchens. Consisting of three kitchen lines, it offers lush and easily accessible storage and work surfaces. So that you can open drawers and doors well, plan at least two meters of free space in your kitchen underground. But be careful that the space in it is not too opulent so that the commutes are short.

The G-kitchen has one more element, namely a room divider: A peninsula or a counter visually separates the cooking area from your dining area or living room.

For remodelling, you may also find good ideas at bathroom remodel walnut creek.

The most popular L cuisine

The L kitchen is one of the most popular types of kitchen. It goes around the corner, makes perfect use of the space, and often even leaves room for a dining table. Placed on two walls or with a kitchenette protruding into the room, you have short distances here.

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