How to Improve Your Local Business Visibility on Google

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Visibility on Google is essential: if you do not appear there (and you do not appear at the top of the search results), there is a good chance that you do not get the traffic or the income you want for your company.

How to improve the visibility of your local business on Google

It is well known that local searches are synonymous with local purchases. If you want your small local bakery, family restaurant, or local pet store to attract as many customers as possible, you must appear in local Google searches. That being said, are you doing everything in your power to get your local business high visibility on Google? If you are unsure, this article is for you.

Why is visibility on Google so important?

Google is the most popular search engine in the world: it receives more than 40,000 search queries per second, which means that it receives 3.5 billion searches per day. This tells us that people are turning to Google to answer their burning questions, make purchases, and find a local businesses near me . Overall, 53% of people search for something local at least once a month – which means there is a lot of local searches. If you don’t appear in Google, it will be extremely difficult for people who search for your local business to find you online. Also, it means that they probably won’t see reviews for your local business, and they won’t see your address.

So it’s not only important to appear in Google search so that people know about your business, but also because it provides them with contact information and reviews.

3 Ways To Ensure My Local Business Appears In Google

There are several ways to make your local business visible on Google so that your potential customers can find you easily online. Let’s talk about a few:


Perhaps the best way to ensure you are visible in local searches is to create a Google My Business profile. This profile is the best way to make sure you appear high in local search, as Google My Business profiles appear before organic traffic on results pages.

When your local business shows up in Google with Google My Business, it will provide crucial information to its potential customers, such as location, reviews, brief description, average cost, hours of operation, contact details, etc. This information makes it very easy for potential customers to locate and visit your local business, which is why having a Google My Business profile is so beneficial.

However, for your Google My Business profile to be the best it can be, you need to optimize it properly.


When you create your Google My Business profile, you should make sure that you provide all possible information about your business. Users turn to Google because it is the easiest way to find all the information they need, in one place.


This means they don’t want to have to click to find out when your business is open, and they don’t want to have to go scavenging to find your menu. Make everything easily accessible to them by providing them with your correct contact details, hours of operation, location and website link so they have the best possible chance of getting there.

  1. Build quality reviews

As we have already mentioned, online reviews are of great importance. Over 75% of online shoppers trust reviews as much as they trust positive comments from a friend or family member. This is very important information because it lets businesses know how important it is to attract rave reviews about their local business. To do this, you must first provide a quality service. Give your customers a reason to want to give you a fantastic review and market your local business to the world.

Second, make it easy for them to review your business. You can do this by providing them with a URL at the bottom of their receipt where they can provide a review, emailing them a link in your monthly newsletter, or providing a link to your social media accounts. You can even choose to give a discount to those who leave you a review. This will help you get the review and keep them coming back to your store to use their coupon!

  1. Respond to bad reviews

It is extremely important to respond to criticisms, even if they are less than desirable. When you respond to bad reviews, you show other potential customers that you care about your customers and that you are ready to fix something that has gone wrong. When you are kind to your customers it shows that you are honest and caring, which is always a good thing. It also shows that you are easy going and easy to work with.

  1. Make sure you have an accurate geocode

When you provide your local business address to Google My Business, they create a geocode – that’s how you appear on Google Maps. However, there are times when the geocode is incorrect, which can lead your customers into a frantic race to find your business.

You will need to check where you appear on Google Maps and if not, verify that your address is in the correct format for your region.


Technically, having a Google My Business profile is a local SEO strategy, but it’s so important that it had to be given a category of its own. But local referencing is not limited to GMB. So let’s talk about other local SEO strategies that can help your local business rank higher on Google results pages.

The local SEO is a combination of strategies that are used to enhance your website. In turn, these improvements allow your website to rank higher in Google searches, which helps make your local business more visible.


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