How do I get rid of an unwanted pregnancy?

unwanted pregnancy
unwanted pregnancy

Unwanted pregnancies are very common. In a data recorded in 2016 of the United States of America told half of the pregnancies there are unintended. When one is pregnant there is a possibility that she is not ready to become a mother or just doesn’t want to have the baby.  To avoid the chances of getting pregnant there are ways and things that need to be done before getting pregnant. And in case you are pregnant now one may choose to terminate the pregnancy with an abortion. And if one feels overwhelming she may give birth and put the baby for adoption but this is the rarest case. When somebody doesn’t want the baby they choose the method of abortion usually as in most of the cases. 


To get rid of the pregnancy this procedure of terminating the pregnancy is called abortion. Most of the times, the abortion needs to be done in the first trimester only or in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy.  The restrictions on abortion vary from place to place and that needs to be checked that it is legal at your end or not.  Visiting a doctor getting your health checked is of utmost priority and then to terminate the pregnancy is secondary. 

There are various ways in which abortion can be done either by surgical abortion or by a method of abortion pills where the doctor prescribes the pills and you have those usually two of them mifepristone + misoprostol.   

Once you are pregnant the abortion is the only method that can save you from the unwanted pregnancy. For not getting pregnant there are definitely ways which you can do to avoid the pregnancy.

 Using contraceptives is one such method to avoid pregnancy the other can be to take the birth control pills on time and morning-after pills are usually used in the case of emergencies only. Try not to make these pills a habit as your health may suffer later on.

 After one gets a pregnant abortion is one such solution and to avoid the pregnancy beforehand using condoms and birth control pills are some solutions.

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