Home maintenance companies: Too expensive, just hire a handyman!


Maintenance companies are all the rage when it comes to maintaining your home. However, they are so expensive that they are capable of essentially breaking your bank account. In old times, whenever there was a problem in your home, people would call their local handyman. Today in 2020 the trend has returned.

Applications like Handyman and Homeadvisor makes it possible for you to post about your home issue, and many handymen would bid on it, and you can pick the best based on your budget and the handyman’s experience or area of expertise.

Many maintenance companies hire the same local handymen and provide you with services under their companies name. However, the prices get a tad bit more expensive. These handymen don’t get the full price of their services, more than half of it is kept by the companies. Today, however, the technical services companies in Dubai are also practicing the same trend and hiring local technicians to carry out services under their companies name.

In this article, we highlight that it’s alright to go back to old traditions and make use of hiring these handymen. What are the benefits of hiring them? These are discussed in detail below.


Handymen are the ones who thought their expertise and skills, solve a lot of our home issues. They have years of experience and can get the work done in just seconds comparatively. The following are a few benefits we have listed down for you:


  • Trained Professional: Handymen are trained professionals who are experts in their field of service. The older the handyman, the more experience he has. They are very hard-working individuals and this is a skill which is best mastered with an experience more so than education.
  • Experienced Professional: You might come across many individuals who are not so experienced and just got in the field, but you will notice they also come with a partner who is experienced. Depending on the type of work, search for a handyman appropriate for the required service.
  • Cheap and Affordable Rates: Handymen generally are individuals who can provide services within your budget. Many companies hire the same handymen and charge you twice the rates.

    There are different kinds of services provided by handymen and as per those services the rates are charged as well. Rest assured the quality and expertise is obvious from the services they provide.

  • Personalized Services: When you are working with a handyman, personalized service is a guarantee because you are working directly with the professional. Therefore these servicing professionals work with you to find out what the problem is in detail and you can in-depth inquire about the kind of service they provide, as well as the detail of these services.

    Due to this personal interaction, there is always a satisfaction of knowing you are getting the best service as per your need and requirement. Plus the added advantage of a guarantee of calling the same handyman again for your home. It’s a safety and comfort zone that many individuals like.
  • Quality of Service: The quality of services is ensured by these handymen. The best thing about this digital age is that you can see the reviews and ratings of these handymen online as well. Provided they are available online. However, the best handymen are still old school and might not be available on digital platforms.

    Many handymen build good relationships with their customers because they want their clients for a lifetime. That is why they deliver the best quality of service with exceptional work ethic, this ensures that they will be able to retain their clients.
  • Types Of Service:  There are many handymen, experienced in different niches. Some might be good with woodwork, others with technological installation, while some have amazing home painting talents. The types of services provided by them are endless.

    The year 2020 comes with the requirement of home automation services because this is something people do not tinker with. The tech gadgets cost a lot therefore many homeowners prefer hiring professionals. In this regard, Many technical services companies in Dubai charge an arm and a leg for the same tech installation services that these handymen will do it for half the price.

  • Number of Services: A handyman has the capability of working with a lot of clients with clear time management skills. Therefore hire the professional who has the time, who values making more clients, who you can trust, and who can promise you quality and expertise.


CLOSING WORDS: Many homes maintenance companies come with a lot of hassle of filling up forms, waiting in line, inspection, then services. On top of that, the cost is high. However, handymen charge you with an hourly rate and get the work done as soon as possible. It’s very economical to hire a handyman.

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