Chocolate Is Good For You

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Terrific information on the chocolate front! Chocolate benefits you. Under certain situations.

Katherine Tallmadge, speaker for the American Dietetic Association, says, in the February 9, 2005, WASHINGTON POST, that “cacao, or cacao beans, contain ‘flavanols,’ naturally taking place plant substances also located in tea, red wine, and also apples. Their properties have actually been researched as heart disease preventions.”

Carl L. Keen, chair of the division of nutrition at University of California, Davis, mentions in the very same article that “the flavanols in cocoa help maintain a healthy and balanced vascular system. They reduce blood clot– an aspirin like effect– minimize oxidative damages and also enhance blood circulation.”

Regrettably the flavanols in delicious chocolate are bitter and also are mostly removed from refined chocolate. The level lowers with each step, from the bean to the cocoa powder, and also eventually to a finished product. But big producers like Nestle and Mars Inc.( producers of M&M s) are working on chocolate things that are– what else?– helpful for you. We can soon expect delicious chocolate bars and also sweets that market their high level of flavanols. In the meantime, the only product that states its flavanol level is Mars’ Dove Dark Chocolate, which has 150 mg. in 1.3 oz., a high degree. It likewise has 200 calories. We live in an imperfect globe.

While we’re waiting for more high-flavanol items, Ms. Tallmadge recommends unsweetened cacao powder, but not the alkalized “Dutch refined” kind, which has had its flavanols minimized. Next in worth is semisweet or bittersweet chocolate with a high cacao percent. Some delicious chocolates have as much as 70 percent cacao, yet they can have as little as 35 percent. The percent of cacao in milk delicious chocolate can be even reduced, and she does not advise it. She claims, “I suggest buy cacao bliss or an ounce each day of dark chocolate, which might have to do with 110 to 150 calories, depending upon the chocolate. Any more than that as well as you’re possibly mosting likely to absorb a lot of calories for weight control.”

Do you have any suggestion of what you simply review? A very qualified nutrition professional is RECOMMENDING that you consume delicious chocolate! Possibly not large amounts of chocolate, yet delicious chocolate. If you have endured much in the location of delicious chocolate, you might intend to enlarge that statement as well as post it on your washroom mirror, where it can cheer you on stormy mornings.

Currently comes the chocolate icing on the cake. Deanna K. reports: “The Diabetic Instructor told me about CARBOLITE, a 1.1 oz. low carbohydrate delicious chocolate bar made with Splenda, having 0 sugar carbs, 15-18g carbohydrates, depending on taste. On Google key in ‘Carbolite’ for additional information.”

Deanna proceeds, “The other chocolate bar that I assume serves is Brownish-yellow Lyn Chocolates (fine imported Belgian delicious chocolate), sugar free as well as carb mindful. A little greater in calories than Carbolite, the 1.2 oz bar has 15-16g carbs. For nutrition details visit” The dark chocolate bars have 157 calories.

Flavanols are not detailed, but these dark chocolates are an excellent wager for that HEALTHFUL item of delicious chocolate it is your OBLIGATION to consume regularly. And also soon, no question, makers will certainly start to formulate their sweets to be high in flavanols– and also say so.

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