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living room 2569325 1920
living room 2569325 1920

Interior designing is a vast discipline, and there are many trade secrets that ordinary people don’t know. At times, it can be overwhelming to design the interior of your house. While it is difficult to become an expert in the interior without holding a degree, there are a few basics. So without making any further ado, here are some basics in interior design that you can implement in your home.  

Measure accurately: In interior designing, you must be familiar with the purpose of the room and the furniture and decor accessories you are going to introduce. So before going on a full force, there are a few simple tricks related to the arrangement of the interior, and it is related to the measurements. There is a golden ratio that follows the 2:3 rule. According to Zad Interiors, every room needs to apply this rule. 

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It starts by dividing the room into two segments, where the larger area should measure the 2:3 of the space manifesting the sizable furniture like a couch, dining table or bed. The smaller area measures 1:3 and includes secondary items like storage and additional seating corners. This helps in working with both the larger furniture and smaller decorative items.  

Forms and functions: Forms and functions play a vital role in interior designing as it targets both the aesthetics and functionality of an object. The concept of forms and functions was first coined by an architect called Frank Lloyd Wright. While designing any part of your home, this concept needs to be kept in mind. 

Start to have a look at the furniture. For instance, you are fancied by the design of a sofa, but is it comfortable for sitting? You can get a functional bed, but what about its outdated style? There is no point in having a piece of furniture that doesn’t fulfil the criteria and ruin the feel of the space. Likewise, if the piece of furniture is not functional, it will only end up being a waste. Before buying, always ask questions and if it ticks both these yardsticks you can go for it. 

Work on colours: There are certain principles that you need to consider whenever you are picking any shade card for your room. The basic rule begins with colour psychology that adds a character and mood in the place. Dark colours usually absorb the light, and some of them even have a luxurious feel. While neutral colours reflect light and make the ambience charming but too much of it can give a clinical feel. 

It is good to consult with the Interior designer in Jaipur, who has greater know-how about the proper colour scheme. They actually rely on interior designers tools like a colour wheel that helps to bring out the best mix and match of different hues. 

Light it up: Lighting has the ability to change the dynamics of a space. It is a known psychological phenomenon that dark and gloomy areas harbour negativity, so always invest in well-illuminated space. Lighting needs to be practical and at the same time, touches the decorative aspect. Evaluate the aspect of lighting needs in your room and see whether it fulfils the purpose. 

Overhead lighting is perfect in the kitchen workstations and dining area, while floor lamps offer lighting in the gloomiest corners. For your lounge area and the empty hallways go for the ambient lighting that gives an overall coverage. Besides, if you are seeking an energy-efficient option, make great use of natural lights. Work properly on the lighting scheme of your house.

All the basic rules mentioned above will be helpful at the time of designing the interiors of your home. 

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