10 Reasons Why you should use woocommerce for your Ecommerce business

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With an increasing number of e-commerce businesses being launched every day, retailers are faced with many options they can use to host their online stores. However, WooCommerce has become the first choice for many online sellers because of several reasons.

1) Because WooCommerce is free, and always will be.

Free? ‘There’s no such thing as a free food’ … yes, because that’s really real, so you have to pay to host the platform … but after that, you will practically sell without charging for a single software license. This is really a very important and rare phenomenon in the world because there is nothing like it. And there’s also WooCommerce has a team of committed developers and volunteers to keep the site stable and up-to – date with the new e-commerce store. But, if you want any additional features you ‘d pay with approved apps … but making the right choices, it generally pays off on its own when it either will help you sell better, boost operations or save time in development.

2) Because it’s simple and intuitive

We ‘re not just engineers so it may be daunting to manually modify the code of a website or run an e-commerce shop. So that is where WooCommerce comes in handy! The methods of downloading, configuring and handling are so simple they are available to anybody with the least knowledge with using WordPress or device. The user interface has been very well thought out to make it simple for the less advanced user, and extremely flexible to help you sell something.

3) Because so many people use it!

Why wouldn’t you, because other people use WooCommerce, too? At least not for a little testing to make sure it’s the ultimate e-commerce sales device. However, the fact that so many retailers use it means three clear consequences: the size of the consumer base shows the efficiency of this product – it can accommodate 1000’s of consumers and a multiple of that in stock.

4) Because it’s constantly evolving and improving

That is a central feature of any reputable open source project: it is not created by a small person alone but is formed by thousands of individual users and several devoted volunteers. Not just adding and enhancing coding, but also as part of translations, promotions and culture. That’s why we don’t need one specialist to come in and solve our particular issue and leave us waiting until it’s our turn. You can actually place a sign in the community and someone will come out promising to help you. WooCommerce is in a position to develop, improve itself, and with any new edition it keeps getting stronger.

5) Because it looks professional!

You remember which shop you want the most when you return to buy more … why? Either the size, the support or is it the shop’s look and feel. Everything you try to reinvent and get the same experience that you have as a customer, with WordPress and WooCommerce you can most likely do that.

6) Because you can add any functionality to improve WooCommerce

As already mentioned, WooCommerce operates without incorporating any features or plug-in. A plugin is a software program that adds features specific to your WordPress installation. Many plugins are developed to bring additional features to WooCommerce and only run after upgrading WooCommerce. It will not only incorporate it but also modify the way WooCommerce runs. Just as an example, a membership plugin can be applied to turn the store into a membership portal. Add a premium feature on top of that and you can create a monthly revenue stream.

7) Because you can sell what you want, the way you want!

Thanks to the structure provided by WooCommerce and the plugins that you are able to impose in it, you are free to sell any kind of good or service you might want. Physical products, virtual products, bookings, appointments and subscriptions etc … your imagination is the limit to what you can sell with WooCommerceMaybe it would be easier to give examples of eBay , Amazon and Etsy. Those are marketplaces where third-party vendors are permitted on a website. With the assistance of a few plugins, this is also possible with WooCommerce. Can you think you ‘re paying a fee on bringing customers to your website? When unconscious, not difficult to get rich.

8) Because developers, designers, marketers and store owners are in the same boat

WooCommerce, from architects, designers advertisers, SEO advisors and shop managers, is a chosen forum for all companies. Each team knows how the program operates and every team should do its part without another person’s help. The site is operated by 30 people with each content added, pricing controlled, templates modified and profiles maintained. Imagine if you had to email your web designer for any modification?

9) Because it makes your store easy to use!

You can’t fix the future but coping is better, right? When all stores will checked for the drug in the toolbar, why switch it to the footer? You can only hope any visitor to your site would feel lost. For WooCommerce this is the same … certain stuff really are just the right way they are. That doesn’t mean you can’t make things look better or improve things. It counts both for the client and the store’s administrators, WooCommerce is well thought out for the UI and UX as well as market management tools.

10) Because we use it too!

YITH uses WooCommerce to boost their features with a range of plugins. We also love to draw upon its flexibility and possibilities. What could look like a basic e-commerce app that can be activated in a couple of seconds will potentially run a whole enterprise. If you’re not yet persuaded, check out this article with 15 samples of famous online stores working on WooCommerce. The next article you can read is ‘How to build your e-commerce shop in a day’ and learn what it takes to go ‘from Zero to Sale in a day.

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