Should You Get WordPress Hosting for Your Website?

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Setting up your new website can get confusing at first. Deciding which type of web hosting services in India are perfect for your website is among the most important question that you should tackle ahead of time. But for people who are just starting, WordPress hosting is the best option they have.

Here are some questions that you might have in mind before getting WordPress hosting from a vendor.

Is WordPress hosting necessary to start a website?

The simple answer is, only if you are aiming to build a WordPress website. Every website online uses a kind of web host to store their website on the internet. A WordPress hosting is optimized best for a WordPress site, so get it if that your aim.

Are free WordPress hosting plans better than paid ones?

There are a lot of web hosting plans available out there. These include free WordPress hosting plans as well. But it is recommended that you stay away from ‘Free’ hosting providers. In most of these cases, your WordPress website will include advertisements from the vendor without having any control over them.

These hosting plans can get you some malware as well. Which is never good for you as a website owner and for your users. If you are serious about building a website, then try to stay away from free providers and look for a sturdy and reliable WordPress host.

Is it necessary to have the same hosting and domain provider?

No, it’s not necessary to get it from the same one, it’s your choice which domain provider you want to go with and which host you want hosting services from. If you don’t have a domain already, it’s a good idea that you get one from the same host, if they offer, since managing them will be much easier.

Are eCommerce sites viable for WordPress?

Yes, it’s easy to set up eCommerce sites on WordPress hosting. Since your website will be built on WordPress, it will be well optimized for WordPress hosting. But don’t forget to get an SSL certificate if you are building an eCommerce site.

Are WordPress hosting secure?

In general, WordPress hosting is secure, but it’s more important that you secure them further with a strong password and possibly get two-factor authentications as well. Also, when in public, try not to login with your credentials on public networks since these are easy to get attacked if not secured properly.

Can you switch your WordPress host later?

This might be one of the most common questions people have in their minds. And its easy to change your WordPress host later on if you want to. there are times when you don’t like a service, most of the hosts offer easy transition of your site from one platform to another without losing your data.

What plan should you take?

If you are serious about buying hosting plans, it is better that you go with long term plans. Since these plans cost you less than what monthly plans would cost you in a year. Calculate according to your needs and go with them. But if you are not convinced about a service from the host, try a monthly plan for a month or two and then go forward from there.


There are a lot of good website hosting services available when it comes to building or hosting WordPress sites on them. Compare each one of them based on your need and remember all these tips, you will end up with a good hosting plan.

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