How Can You Tell The Quality Of PVC Pipe?

Annotation 2020 06 18 113409
Annotation 2020 06 18 113409

Nowadays, everyone knows the importance that needs to be taken while taking the products by checking twice, especially the plastic pipes which are used in various fields. The tests to define the quality of specific pipe before buying need to be done if they proved to be utilized in canalizations, and installations.

If you are the construction project manager then you need to know different types of pipes and also how to check one of the best qualities of it while you are choosing it for particular construction. You can order several PVC pipes online at the best price at your home without going outside.

It is the same as the products happen with the general public cars, food, furniture, if it satisfies the test, this gives a quality label, that will assure that specific product meets with regulatory tests, then that is perfect to be utilized for various applications.

What Are The Tests Done To Check The Quality Of The Pipes?

Firstly, you need to know that every test is done in every stage of a specific production process. For the moment, this is received raw material that is sent to the plastic pipe with the client. Certain tests are made on specific manufacturer’s premises. Both are non-destructive measurements that are done for the samples that are chosen randomly, and at X determined time.

Types Of Common Tests & Controls:

  • Heat resistance
  • Resistance to traction and ultimate elongation
  • Aspect
  • Dimensional control
  • The tightness of the joining of the joins
  • Dimensional stability
  • Resistance to the internal pressure
  • Density
  • Gelation
  • Resistance to the impact
  • Softening temperature
  • Annual rigidity

Resistance to traction and ultimate elongation:

This initial analysis is done by subjecting the cutting of the tube to an elongation after the break. The traction is made with a specific dynamometer at a rate of controlled elongation. At the moment, the test tube will break, and it will be written down effort in that break and this percentage elongation. Certain data will be compared with its original size, if that parameter is met, that will meet the initial test.

Heat resistance:

As its title indicates that this test will be done at a high temperature of nearly 150ºC, during a defined time. This test is made by fitting the welding to define the effectiveness of these lines of welding and to know that no internal injuries.


Possibly this is one of the simplest tests from all others; it is just to verify the outside and the inside, the look of a specific pipe to know the lack of pores and bubbles. The simplest method, but it doesn’t have any less important because a pore, subjected to a high quantity of liquid under pressure, may produce leaks.

Dimensional stability:

This test includes cutting a part of a pipe then marking it on two lines to determine the distance. Once it is marked, that is introduced each piece of that pipe part in the water at 150ºC throughout a determined time.

Later the time that removed the specific pipe, and this is measured the significant distance between those two lines to write down that difference in %.

Dimensional control:

This test will be done periodically when the entire manufacturing process is done.

It consists of supervising the size of the pipes & fittings by checking the parameters.

  • Thickness in the cup
  • Wall thickness 
  • Length of the cup
  • Ovulation
  • Medium external diameter
  • Length of the cut pipe

These are some of the things to check the quality of the pipes you are going to choose. If you are looking for the PVC fittings you can visit online and order it at various sizes you require. 

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