7 Best Benefits of CCTV camera

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security camera 834173 1280 1

7 Benefits of CCTV camera which will help you to protect your house and complex. CCTV camera is one of the essential security components. 

The benefits of CCTV cameras include the deterrent of significant crime and creative means of supervision. However, this security system has made initially to record video.

But CCTV camera installation is a little bit complicated. However, you have to keep various rules and regulations in your mind. 

But many of the professionals are available, and they can easily install a CCTV camera. Many of the users of CCTV cameras know its best features and benefits, but few do not know it.

Below the paragraph, the 7 Best Benefits of CCTV camera has mentioned. These benefits will help you to secure your property from various theft and intruders. 

7 Best Benefits of CCTV camera

1. Two-Way Audio

Two-way Audio is one of the best benefits of CCTV camera. Because it is an advanced feature of CCTV camera that will allow you to control room talking with the person standing in front of the camera. 

However, the conversation is automatically recorded and archived like another type of footage. Hence, Two-way audio is very beneficial for an interactive entry control system. 

However, it also allows the operator to understand access undertakings immediately. Two-way audio is also reducing maintenance and complexity. 

 2. Motion Detection

Motion Detection is one of the best features available in the modern CCTV camera. However, this feature is very much useful for hardly access areas. 

Motion Detection will help the camera to record the footage whenever any motion is detected. CCTV camera with motion detection feature will allow you to configure your camera to start recording whenever any motion detected.  

Hence, this feature will allow you to store footage that includes appropriate data. However, it will save your money on storage, archiving, and backup. It will also make browsing and retrieving data easier. 

3. Automatic Number Plate Recognition

It is one of the most advanced features of CCTV cameras, which is available in modern cameras. Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) will allow the camera to observe and read automobiles number plates automatically.

The price of ANPR is not too high, but it will help you a lot. Below the paragraph, some use of ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) has mentioned. 

Decrease transit times

Easy parking access

Control to a society’s parking area 

Keep real-time and accurate data about how much parking areas has used by whom

However, the ANPR is very much complicated, but it is useful too. It needs high-quality imaging hardware, and cameras need to be installed right lighting and distance parameters. 

4. Infra-Red Lighting

CCTV cameras need a few amounts of light shining on them to record any objects. However, this Infra-Red lighting is not visible to anyone, but it will help the camera to record. 

CCTV cameras have merged with infra-red LEDs, which are utilized to brighten the objects. Infra-Red lighting will also allow a security camera to see objects clearly in the night.

However, this type of security camera is also known as day and night CCTV cameras. Hence, these cameras can quickly observe the ambient light status, and turn the LEDs on and off as they require.

Infra-red CCTV cameras are a widely available component that uses the cheap element. Hence, infra-red abilities will not add much price to your CCTV camera. 

5. Cloud Storage

Cloud Storage is one of the best benefits of a CCTV camera. This feature allows you to store your camera data on a secure platform.

However, Cloud Storage will also allow efficient and fast access to camera data. Cloud storage has made for two types of users:

  • Users who maintain a tremendous amount of footage to organize. However, user face difficulty to manage this data and supporting infrastructure is too big. 
  • Users who maintain limited footage to manage and limited advanced requirements. Hence, the expenses related to a house infrastructure for secure storage. 

CCTV camera is using cloud storage to store and retrieve the data. However, cloud storage will maintain a secure storage platform. 

 6. Facial Recognition

Facial Recognition is the best benefit of CCTV cameras, which is using for the human face. However, this feature is similar to another feature of security camera ANPR, which is used to scan automobile number plates.

Facial Recognition also allows a CCTV camera to match an individual face with the help of an internal database record. However, it is one of the most powerful features of CCTV cameras.

Facial Recognition is using in various settings where security is very much important. However, it is also applying to detect and track VIP customers in casinos and hotels.

Facial Recognition, which is based on a CCTV camera, is a very much complicated problem. Hence, two very much significant effects have mentioned below.

  • Price: Facial Recognition is one of the most excellent features, and manufacturers are charging extra for it. But the hardware which is supporting this feature depends on the price and budget of the camera.
  • Accuracy: many of the time, biological systems fail because recognizing human faces is a very complicated task.

If you want to do CCTV camera installation, then you have to refer perfect see website. However, this website is providing installation, service, and maintenance related to the security camera.

7. Real-Time Alerts

Real-time alerts are one of the best benefits of a CCTV camera, which is also called push notifications. However, this is a relatively new feature of IP enabled security cameras. 

Hence, CCTV camera, which is supporting Real-time alerts, can send an alert to your smartphone if any motion is detected. Real-time alerts are one of the best and useful features of a security camera.  

But it also has disadvantages that the system will send too many alerts, bury the useless alerts. Hence, it will decrease the security rather than increasing it.  

Real-time alerts is looking very much simple, but they depend on complicated cloud technology. Many of the models are depending on their manufacturer’s infrastructure to send the alerts on your smartphone. 

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