Top 5 benefits to use maintenance management software in manufacturing industry?

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CMMS software has made maintenance easier.  It helps maintenance managers, operations managers, and other workers perform their routine tasks in an efficient manner by replacing the monotonous and traditional manual maintenance tracking processes. It helps to track and run the organization’s maintenance operations smoothly. In any organization when the operations become complex, the need for a centralized database system becomes a must. Looking after the maintenance operations of a facility, manufacturing plant or fleet can be quite challenging. The traditional manufacturing industry requires solutions for complex operations that will help to simplify and smooth out workflow. There are facilities that maintain records on paper for inventory and manually record repairs and replacements. The development of computerized maintenance management software (CMMS) has not just changed the essence of maintenance and facilities management, yet has additionally improved the overall efficiency of maintenance departments. 


The manufacturing industries can use CMMS software to improve productivity and ensure maximum uptime as CMS guarantees that the production systems work as they are designed to, limit downtime and increase productivity.

There are many benefits of using a CMMS in a manufacturing industry, but the top 5 benefits are as follows: 

  • Preventive Maintenance Schedules: CMMS provides Preventive Maintenance System. It helps automate the scheduling of inspections and maintenance and helps track potential maintenance problems that may arise due to damage or lack of maintenance. This switch from reactive to proactive maintenance approach extends the life of equipment. When maintenance is done routinely it helps the equipment last longer and saves money in the long run. 
  • Downtime Reduction: Manufacturing industries use variety of equipment and each equipment is equally important for the manufacturing process. If any problem arises in any one of the equipment, then the whole process gets affected. Thus, downtime occurs while the equipment is being fixed. If the equipment is regularly maintained they are less prone to breakdown. CMMS software ensures that the equipment is in good condition and is performing well to maximize uptime.
  • Inventory Management: Inventory management is very important in manufacturing industry. It is important to keep the raw materials stocked. Installing an online inventory management system tracks data over time and records information. This information helps inventory managers determine usage patterns of their inventory items. They can then establish maximum and minimum stock levels, reorder points and criticality. 
  • Cost Reduction: CMMS software can reduce costs as it offers preventive maintenance system due to which one can see the repair history of an equipment during its lifetime which helps one to decide whether it should be repaired or replaced. Therefore, this leads to a decrease in unplanned repair costs. When the equipment is well maintained it doesn’t breakdown and that leads to cost reduction. It tracks everything connected to completed work orders which makes it easy to run a check on these costs, view budget expenditure breakdown and make educated decisions. 

Increases Productivity: A CMMS increases productivity in a way that it provides quick access to the maintenance managers of all of the information, such as service histories, warranties, etc. that they need to complete a scheduled preventive maintenance task. It also provides information like step-by-step procedures, lists of the required spare parts and tools, and other relevant information. This allows maintenance managers to perform tasks without interruption or delay. A CMMS should also be able to show other information in addition like some software packages offer extra features, such as the ability to configure and manage reports. 

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