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Carpets are always first preference when it comes to choice of flooring in every part of World. Nonetheless that part has higher temperature or low, nothing matters but choice bothers. Many Home stylists recommend not using carpets in hot climate buildings and homes for they may add on more heat. But if you like it anyway, chose carpet which has natural fibers. Try your best to furnish small portion of floor with carpet, by all means. These carpets are normally hand weaved. They have rich texture and decent look. Here we suggest you five types of carpets which are made up of fully natural fibers and are suitable for hot climate

Wool Carpets

Wool carpets are expensive but best heat-proofing. Fibers of wool carpet are strong and they do not take spills easily. Its natural lanolin coating keeps moisture beeds on surface and prevents them from seeping. Nor they absorb heat neither they emit the same. These qualities of wool carpet make it best choice in houses situated in area with hot climate. Carpet cleaning of wool fabric can be easily done by applying recommended technique

Sea Grass Carpets

Carpets having fiber of sea grass are unique choice. In heavy rainy areas there manufacturing and use is common. Sea grass fibers are obtained by natural plant which is similar to rice plant. Its threads are strong and soothing. Its glossy supple skin makes it comfortable to sit on or walk on. These carpets are in natural color of sea grass because it does not absorb liquids and colors. It’s this quality make it best insulator against hot environment. 

Coir Carpets

Carpets with coir fibers are best choice in hot climate for its inexpensive price. This material is not so expensive but it gives a stylish impact in cottage or lodge type setting. We take it from husks of coconuts. There drawback is they get slippery when absorbs moisture. They are abrasive, not suitable for baby skin.

Jute Carpets

Jute carpet is the most soft and cheap carpet among carpets with natural fibers. It obtains its strings from jute plant which grows in subtropical area of Asia. Before weaving weavers let it soaks in water for considerable time. They use stalk of jute plant to make carpet fibers. They do not use its leaves that are why these carpets are more soft and delicate. Jute is also used in general carpet padding. The worse trait of them is they have less age as compare to other carpets with natural fibers. Rug repair can also be done easily in this type of fabric. 

Sisal Carpets

Sisal Carpets are more stylish and they hold more versatile patterns with bright the family of carpets made up of natural fibers. They are perfect art piece in this cluster.  Agava Sisalamna plant gives its fiber, which is soft and lax but durable. They can bear heavy traffic without torn out early. They are best carpet in hot climate, if you want to be prevented from heat but also want to enjoy vibrant colors around you. They are perfect carpets for bed rooms and children rooms. 

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