Remote PC Monitoring Software for Employee Surveillance


Are you looking for a tool to remotely monitor personal computers of your employees? You need a computer monitoring software to supervise digital activities of your workforce. The tracking software enables the business community to keep their employees under surveillance. The software can be installed on the company-owned personal computers to keep track of every activity performed on these devices. In this article, we have discussed the most efficient PC monitoring software for employee surveillance. Read on to know how this software facilitates business persons to keep an eye on their workers.

Personal Computer Monitoring Software

The businesses across the world have started using computer tracking software to supervise the digital activities of their employees. The software helps them to restrict their workers from internet abuse and many other unproductive activities during duty hours. The advanced surveillance software enables employers to check out the computer activities of their workers without accessing their digital machines. The software installed on these devices automatically provides important information to the employer by uploading it to a secret web portal of the PC monitoring software. 

How PC Tracking Software Work

Once you install the software on company-owned PCs, you can find out what your employees do on and around those computers. The software provides reports regarding usage of the monitored computer. Also, it allows sending commands to the targeted PC to operate certain function of it. 

How to Supervise Employees with PC Tracking Software

The computer monitoring software enables business owners and managers to keep the digital devices of their employees under supervision. It offers a wide range of features enabling the end-user to monitor and operate the company-owned PCs without physical access. Given features of the software explain the functioning of the software.

Track Browsing History

Are you sure that your employees use the company internet only for productive and work-related purposes? The computer monitoring software lets you evaluate the internet usage of workers by accessing their browsing history. By logging into the web portal of the tracker software, the end-user can access the internet browsing history of the monitored computers. It lets the employer know what websites their workers visit during the duty hours.

Remote Screen Recording

If you want to see what your workers are doing on their computers, you can make use of the screen recording feature of the computer surveillance software. It lets you watch what your concerned employee was typing, watching, searching or reading at the time when the spy app was secretly recording screen.

Track GPS Location of Traveling Staff

The surveillance software also allows keeping an eye on workers working outside the workstation. It lets you know the GPS location of their monitored laptop computers. Also, it provides detail of tours made by them including route-map and location history.

Monitor and Record Surroundings

The computer tracker software lets you operate a camera and microphone of the targeted computing device. It allows watching the events happening in the surrounding of the monitored PC. By turning on the camera and MIC of the targeted device, the end-user can record the surrounding scenes and voices in the form of photos, videos and voice recordings.   

Website Blocking

The software lets you block unproductive and unwanted websites to restrict employees from misusing the company internet. By logging into the online control panel, you can block websites by their URLs, categories or keywords.   


The software lets you record keystrokes applied to the targeted computing device. It includes key logs of passwords, usernames, email addresses and messenger chats. This keylogs can be used to closely watch out online accounts of workers. 

Compatible Devices

The PC monitoring software is compatible with all desktop and laptop computers running Windows 7, 8 and 10. It supports Dell, HP, Acer, Sony, Samsung and many other top-notch computer brands. 

Subscription Criteria

The software can be subscribed for a specific period i.e., one month, 3 months or one year. The price of the software varies with subscription period. If you purchase the software for one-month, you will have to pay around $40. However, the annual subscription of the software cost around $9 a month. 

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