6 Benefits of Shopify For E-Commerce Store Development

blog 12 important tips shopify 01
blog 12 important tips shopify 01

The emergence of the e-commerce industry has completely transformed the business landscape forever. Today, more than ever shoppers prefer e-commerce businesses for their desired products or services, which is one reason why there has been a boom in the number of e-commerce website operating around the world. The rise of the e-commerce industry also led to the emergence of various e-commerce web development platforms like Magento, BigCommerce, Woocommerce, Shopify, and others.

While all of the major e-commerce web development platforms come with specific advantages and benefits. Here in this blog, we will be looking at some benefits of choosing Shopify as your preferred e-commerce web development platform.

What is the best business for the Shopify Platform?

Ask any reputed Shopify website development company and they will tell you that the Shopify platform serves best small to medium businesses looking to sell goods and services without the need for highly customized configuration. It’s perhaps the best-suited platform if you are looking to sell a handful of products and want to operate independently without the need of professional Shopify website Development Company.

Benefits of Shopify E-commerce Website?

  1. Ease of Setup and Manage

If there is one aspect that differentiates Shopify from other e-commerce web development platforms, it’s the ease with which you can set up and manage your store without any professional help. This is essentially the best platform for young entrepreneurs with no prior programming or coding skills. There are no technicalities involved in hosting or setting up the store, and one can easily control all aspects of the store with its interactive and clean user-interface.

  1. Aesthetically Pleasing Stores

Well, if you are worried about the aesthetics of your website without a professional website designer, you need not worry. That’s because the in-built template offered at Shopify comes highly-appealing and aesthetically pleasing. While you may not have the ability to customize designs completely, you won’t be disappointed by the final visual appearance of your store either.

  1. App Integrations

Shopify offers great customization abilities (don’t compare it with Magento or other complex platforms though). You can easily integrate your store with third-party apps to supplement features and functionalities of the website and increase its value manifold.

  1. Security and Reliability

Security remains a pinning debacle for E-commerce stores with the number of cybercrimes increasing each year. Well, with Shopify, you don’t have to worry about all of that because the platform comes with robust in-built security features, which ensures the confidentiality of the personal and financial information of your customers. Moreover, with the platform’s own hosting, you don’t have to worry about downtime due to hosting upgrades or maintenance.

  1. Fast Loading Speed

Loading speed is yet another important aspect for e-commerce businesses, especially when over 50% of users are prone to switch the website if it isn’t loaded within 2 – 3 seconds. The platform comes with integrated and robust global infrastructure with optimized hardware and software, thus you can be sure of optimal loading speed for your website.

  1. Powerful Marketing Tools

Apart from covering all technical aspects, Shopify also offers powerful marketing tools, necessary to get higher visibility and better search engine rankings. Even the basic Shopify plan comes with some great shopify SEO features along with powerful analytical tools, giving you complete control to optimize the store for higher traffic and more leads. You can also exploit customized marketing tools like discount coupons or promotions or email marketing to boost your reach and sales for the website.

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