“Call of Duty: Modern Warfare” Updated: New Multiplayer Mode and Maps

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Call of Duty:

Modern Warfare’s initial free update arrives Friday, bringing on a brand new multiplayer map, a brand new Ground War map, and Hardpoint mode. The update is for free of charge to any or all platforms and players, though it is not clear specifically what time it arrives.

That said, if history’s any indication, it’ll be somewhere during the US west coast’s morning hours, east coast around lunchtime, and the UK in the evening.

Shoot house is a brand new 6v6 map that appears like a classic decision of Duty, whereas Krovnik Farmland could be a Ground Force exclusive map that appears like every recent rural city, judging from the tiny pictures we have a tendency to see within the Twitter announcement.

Call of duty
“Call of Duty: Modern Warfare” Updated: New Multiplayer Mode and Maps

The new patch additionally marks the come of the classic Hardpoint mode, an intense game tasking groups with holding onto Hardpoints for as long as attainable whereas the enemy team fights to take over.

This free update also marks the return of Hardpoint, a game mode seen in the likes of COD: Black Ops III and COD: Advanced Warfare. In Hardpoint, groups try and secure a “hardpoint” at intervals a map and hold it for as long as attainable, while defending the point from the enemy team.

The free content can possibly accompany a brand new patch with bug fixes and tune-ups, as confirmed by associate degree Activision art lead on Resetera.

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Senior Communications Manager at eternity Ward, choreographer Williams, sent out a tweet on Wednesday saying a new update would be coming to Modern Warfare “over the next few days that improves stability across all platforms, fixes bugs, weapon calibration, footsteps, claymores, and more.”

The dev’s Twitter replies recommend the patch is aimed toward reducing crashes and tweaking the much-maligned 725 shotgun/sniper.

A recent datamine suggests there is a ton a lot of to return for a decision of Duty:

Trendy Warfare, including 38 new maps. Of course, datamined leaks cannot be accustomed to ensures something, however considering however formidable Activision has been with trendy Warfare, thirty-eight new maps would not surprise the North American nation.

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