no man’s sky technology modules


The makers of no man’s sky/no man’s sky in space mission were a company that had put out a few products and then left the project unfinished. So how did this company, who didn’t even exist over 2.5 years ago, manage to go from making a $15/month prototype of their super confusing and expensive low-frequency flight system to launching an actual commercial product with customers? Well look no further than the Galactic module, which is created to explore our galaxy inside of a fatality known as no man’s sky. The module is far more complex than it sounds, and will be able to travel at least 200 light years before it flies away.

Well, I’m a big fan of no man’s sky technology modules. It’s a minimalistic platform for making basically zero cost supercomputers in your garage. So you might think that this project requires someone with a lot of capital money or experience in building something like this. Well the reality is that none of those things would be needed. The modules are so cheap (under $500) that if someone really wants to build something with them, and actually uses the space and time they’ve wasted on designing them, they’ll need to pay out of their own pockets just printing and shipping it to the hardware company. Why not buy the modules? Because it can easily be replicated by anyone! ? They’re being sold as open-source software.

The technology is designed to accept up to 18.5kg of weight in each module and use the modules together with an additional set of modules to create more efficient space for your vehicle or cargo. The results could be seen as a new kind of rocket fuel, one that can be used to propel them using multiple tanks for one plane.


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