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Class 9 is said to be the most crucial hour for a student as it is the stepping stone towards a much-awaited board exam. It is therefore important for a student to prepare themselves well before entering into a crucial part of life. The International Mathematics Olympiad comes to one’s rescue at such an hour of need. Students from the beginning are encouraged to have a strong grip on the subject and to clarify all their concepts before stepping big. Such competitions allow candidates to become confident and determined towards their goals.

IMO not only prepares a candidate for their board examination but also various other competitive exams like JEE Mains or NEET exams in their plus II level. It is beneficial for all candidates whether they have a passion for the subject or not. For those who still possess something called “Maths phobia”, this is the time to get away with it. We start small to achieve the big. All that matters is coming out of the comfort zone and trying something new. The first and the foremost step towards the preparation is to have a stronghold on the school curriculum and to note the minute details covering the same. One cannot afford to overlook any topic or sub-topics if he/she wants to score well. Teachers from various fields encourage students to take part in such Olympiads as solving differential equations, finding new angles expands the horizon of a student.

It is important to have a systematic approach right from the beginning to the end of the preparation. Working on routine hours is the best way to start. Candidates are advised to make a timetable for themselves covering the syllabus as well as the daily chores and strictly adhere to the same. Taking up particular things in particular hours can increase the pace of preparation and also help cover the syllabus in its entirety. A candidate is expected to look at the minute details of a topic and, through a step-by-step approach, cover the syllabus well in advance. In this way, he/she will get a lot more time to work on sample papers and previous year question papers. Once done with the curriculum, one is expected to go through IMO Sample Paper 2 with Answers For Class 9 to have a greater understanding of the topics. This also needs to be done at a particular hour so that there is no hindrance to other preparations like solving the previous year question papers. This is extremely important to acquaint oneself with the pattern and type of the questions that have been repeated for a longer time. It makes sense to put more stress on such topics as those shall be repeated this year as well. Therefore, keen observation and minute solving strategies are equally important to note while solving previous year papers. 

Those who have been facing multiple issues in solving math equations right from the start of their preparation, should catch up on various online lecturing sessions available for free and meant specifically to boost the confidence of a student. Jotting down notes on the same and making oneself aware of the new strategies to solve equations can go a long way. To further clarify doubts, students can appear on weekly mock tests conducted by various online platforms to check their progress. Candidates are also expected to be aware of the nitty-gritty of the examination. A question carrying negative marks should be completely avoided if not sure with the answer. Working on negative questions without being completely sure of the answer can lead to a drastic fall in percentage and therefore not getting qualified in the examination. 

The final stage of preparation involves practising from various other books apart from the prescribed school book. This will motivate a candidate and also help to analyse their progress. They should even go through all the solved examples available in a book to have a greater hold on the topic. Rigorous practice is the only key to cracking such examinations. Practice makes a man perfect and it is just the same in the case of Olympiads as well. Amidst everything, it is also essential to find time for oneself and develop their passion in the leisurely hours. Reading books, listening to music or even gardening can help refresh your mind in a much more interesting way. Leisurely hours can also be used to sharpen one’s skills and develop better analytical skills. Watching technical videos or reading articles related to the subject can help a candidate improve their area of interest. It is essential to go through various reading materials available online or particular notes given in schools. Such details are essential in the process of preparation to develop a much healthier learning process.

One should avoid taking shortcuts or neglecting sums which seems difficult. This will lead to bad preparation and simultaneously unwanted stress in the examination hall. As students of grade 9, one is expected to have a complete grasp on the subject and the topics concerned, so that this preparation can lead to excellent performance in their board examination. It becomes an added advantage for such candidates as, by the time they take their final examination, they are already aware of the new system and techniques that can be applied while solving a particular equation. Such skills not only help in Mathematics in particular but also various other subjects.  Time management becomes essential to manage between both school tasks and preparation. However, as the syllabus remains similar in both cases, it truly becomes an advantage for a candidate. 

Cracking the Olympiad is not that hard. A candidate should only start early and get those equations at their fingertips before taking the test. With a proper approach, determination and optimistic outlook, one can easily get through the exam. Between class 9 and the board exam, IMO stands as a bridge that helps candidates to cross the path in a much easier way and takes them way closer to their goals.

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