Top 7 Weather Forecast App in 2021

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It is clear that technology has advanced, and we cannot put it aside. What’s more, we must take advantage of all the benefits it offers us, and it is clear that apps make our lives easier, and it is crucial to create a weather forecast app. In this sense, we want to analyze some of the mobile applications in meteorology currently being used.

Top weather forecast apps in 2021

Now we will talk about exciting applications, such as those that give us information about the weather forecast. But the first thing we advise is that these applications should complement the information provided by official sources. We recommend always consulting the forecasts and alerts on the AEMET page (Meteorology Statal Agency). It is clear that because we have several applications, we cannot believe ourselves, meteorologists. Still, these tools can be of great help, and we must use them as a complement to the official information.

1. YR

This Norwegian application is top-rated. Very simple, it provides us with valuable data and a detailed forecast for each day. We can obtain this forecast for each hour, indicating the temperature, rainfall, wind speed, or how the sky will be (cloudy, foggy, sunny).


 2. AccuWeather

It is one of the most top-rated apps. It is because it has a spectacular design and offers us a lot of data. For example, we can obtain much data such as temperature, wind speed, humidity, and thermal sensation for each hour. In addition, we can visualize the evolution of time in the last hour on a map.



Like the previous ones, the design of this application is beautiful. It provides us with a lot of data about the weather forecast: temperature, wind speed, and direction, humidity, pressure. It also allows us to know the forecast hour by hour with enough accuracy and up to 14 days. It also has the radar option, where we can see the evolution of the last half hour and a forecast of the next.


 4. MeteoEarth

This application provides us with a different design. First, we visualize an interactive 3D map to add additional precipitation, cloud cover, and wind. In this graphic way, we obtain a vision of the forecast.


 5. Rain alarm

This application is also very well known. Its concept is beautiful since having it on the phone sends you notifications whenever there is a forecast of rainfall nearby. As you will understand, it is challenging to be 100% correct in this forecast, but it can always serve as a reference to be attentive if we receive any notice. The only drawback is that it is not available for all places.


 6. Windy

Finally, we present an application that we like a lot – Windy. The weather forecast is given, with a multitude of valuable data, direction, speed, precipitation. All these data can be beneficial whenever we want to carry out some outdoor activity.

 7. Mountain Forecast

Although it is not a mobile application, we would like to highlight this website since it provides valuable data for mountaineers. For example, you can select the prominent mountains worldwide and get a very detailed weather forecast.




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