8 Luxury Gift Ideas For Men With Expensive Taste

The best things in life are often expensive. And it is not bad to have a taste of luxury every once in a while. With every luxury item springing out left and right, you will never run out of options. They also make excellent gifts for every man in your life. Men used to have the reputation that they are hard to find gifts for. But with these items on our list, he will surely greatly appreciate it. From hobbies to collectibles, there is a gift for a man with impeccable taste. Check out the gift ideas for men below!

1. Hublot Classic Fusion

Price: $23,999.00 USD

This wristwatch is a perfect addition to any timepiece collection. This specific model has a beautiful 18kt rose gold casing. But what sets this timepiece apart from the other Hublot models is the 228 diamonds crested all over the piece. To balance out the diamonds, the dial is matte black. The bezel, on the other hand, matches the case with 138 diamonds. The index markers and hands are also in rose gold color. This automatic piece is powered by Hublot Caliber HUB1110, with a power reserve of 42 hours. The band is made of alligator leather rubber and water-resistant by up to 50 meters! Check out WatchShopping, order online, and ship it directly to your man. He will surely be surprised with this thoughtful gift.

2. The Mirror

Price: $1,495.00 USD

If your man is a fitness enthusiast, then this is a great addition to his home workout equipment. Since it is still unsafe to go out to the gym, make sure that you get him the perfect fitness companion! This is no ordinary mirror. The advanced mirror has over 50+ genres to choose from, 5-60 minute classes, and is perfect for any fitness tier. You may also enjoy live classes and choose from the in-house library of thousands of classes. The great thing about this new tech is that it is personalized for you and your needs. There are actual certified trainers from top fitness studios that can provide live feedback and motivation. You can add up to six household members, all of which will have unlimited access to its features. On top of that, you may also connect your devices, such as a Bluetooth heart rate monitor, speakers, Apple Watch, and more!

 3. The North Face x Gucci Tent

Price: $3,490.00 USD

Who says your man can’t go camping in style? Two iconic brands have collaborated to create the most stylish nylon tent ever made. This is just one piece from their outdoor collection, which also has luggage, stylish jackets, and shoes. The tent has 18 large steel stakes, 6 guyots in a stuff sack, as well as a bag that has carry handles and rainfly. The tent size: 94 Ft² W x 65 Ft² H x 42.4 Ft² D.

4. Celestron Ambassador Brass Telescope

Price: USD 999.95

This gift is literally out of this world! If your man loves to go stargazing and know more about astronomy, then he can learn more firsthand with this luxury telescope. The polished brass and mahogany tripod make it a great decoration piece in any room. It is designed with a distinct vintage nautical style and modern glass coatings. The optical tube has a resolution of 1.74 arcsec, Rayleigh; 1.45 arcsec, Dawes. 

5. Jura Ena 8 Single-Serve Coffeemaker

Price: $1,899.00 USD

This piece is a great gift if your man appreciates a good cup of coffee in the morning. The Jura Coffeemaker will take care of everything for you as it has all the features you will ever need. The best part of this coffeemaker is the convenience it brings. It has a one-touch feature, as well as a great quality milk frother which you can program according to your preferred temperature. There are different coffee specialty recipes that you and your man can try. Overall, this is a great steal!

6. Redbreast 27-year-old Whiskey

Price: USD 562.00

Any man who likes a good old whiskey will love this bottle. It is a single-pot still whiskey with 53.5% alcohol. The Irish whiskey has a deep garnet color, with an opulent aroma with rich notes of dark berries, thyme, mango, walnuts, and brittle toffee. For the palate, the luscious plum win is evident, mixed with cinnamon, vanilla, cherry cough drops, custard, and just a slight hint of Calabria pepper.

7. Naim Muso 2 wireless music speaker

Price: USD 1690.00

With its peculiar shape, you wouldn’t notice at first glance that it is a wireless speaker. This device takes high-resolution streaming to a whole new level. The multi-core DSP provides 2000 MIPS (Million Instructions Per Second). This enhances the performance of the device where you wouldn’t need to buy a separate soundbar. It is the perfect gift if your man loves to watch action movies at night. Or if he’s a musician, he will surely love how refined and optimized the quality of the sound is. 

8.  Portable Dual Screen Laptop Monitor

Price: $298.88

Help him upgrade his workstation in an instant! This accessory will boost your man’s productivity and make it more efficient to multitask. More than work, this is also a great gift if he’s a gamer, a stock trader, or he enjoys watching a movie while working. All he needs to do is just plug this accessory right into his laptop, then he is good to go! Dimension is 14″ x 9.5″ x 0.45″ and can go a full 70° rotation. The resolution is 1080p and is energy efficient.

Get him the gift that suits his taste!

Every man will appreciate a taste of luxury every once in a while. But make it even more special by getting him a luxury item that fits his hobbies and needs. These are only some of the gifts that you can get him to show how much you adore him. Bookmark this article for your future splurges!

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