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Clothing is just more than fabrics that you wear on your body. Humans created it as a need to keep them shielded from different weather conditions. Even in ancient times, cavemen used to wear animal skin to guard themselves against the cold and other conditions. Various types of clothing are used for different purposes by humans. As people developed, they invented modern clothing, and in the process, they brought about something named outdoor clothing. It is different from the usual clothes that we wear on a daily basis. Sometimes, we are in a condition where regular clothes cannot keep us comfortable; then people wear outdoor clothes. Outdoor clothing has beneficial fabrics that give a good shield against wind and rain. They offer a fabulous fit, excellent ease of movement, and perfect to wear for outdoor sporting activities. Hiking and trekking clothes are indeed the perfect example of outdoor clothing. 

This type of clothing is perfect when you are on an adventure or for keeping yourself protected from severe weather conditions. So you cannot wear regular clothes while doing multiple sporting activities, then you need outdoor clothes. It would be best if you pick warm and reliable wear for you. There are a lot of brands in the market that provide the best outdoor garments to their customers. But choosing the best brand of outdoor clothing is not an easy task. Sometimes people also get confused regarding which brand they should pick for purchasing the best outdoor gear. To make things simple, we have come up with the best brand for all of you that provides the best outdoor clothes to their customers. So, keep reading for knowing about all the essential things:

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Melanzana has a good following in the industry of outdoor gear. This local brand makes light, comfortable, and versatile outdoor clothes for the customers. Their store is in downtown Leadville. Melanzana uses Polartec materials, created in the U.S. by Malden Mills, for making all of its outdoor gear. They are experts in making clothes that are suited for various weather conditions like the cold. Melanzana was started back in 1994 with the name Eggplant by founder Fritz Howard and his friend Kevco. Later the brand name changed to Melanzana because of a trademark dispute. They created the business of locally made and affordable outdoor clothes. Now over 20 years, they are successfully making unique outdoor clothes on a small and local scale. 

Not focusing more on quantity, their commitment is for locally made quality apparel. They use super-high quality Polartec fabrics to make outdoor clothing for their customers. Melanzana is a small company with just over twenty employees who are very skilled in their work. They design, cut, and sew simple clothing for various weather conditions. Their product line includes microgrid hoodies, fleece jackets, zip tops, vests, shirts, tights, running skirts, and dresses. They have outdoor clothing for men, women, and children. The great products of the brand Melanzana are perfect for athletes and outdoor lovers. If you want to go outdoors to have some thrilling adventure, then you should have a Melanzana outfit that will provide you with a great experience for sure. 

The good thing regarding this brand is that lots of profit go directly to the employees who make the outdoor gear. Melanzana also does not spend on promotional campaigns or advertisements. They are also not involved in wholesale trading. All the garments must be purchased straight from them. So, you can visit their store now to buy the best outdoor gear. They are also operating in the time of the coronavirus pandemic to provide you with the best outdoor clothes. They have been in the outdoor clothing industry for a long time and are just the best in the business, so Melanzana is just perfect for you.

Melanzana Hoodie

When people feel cold or want to go for sporting activities in severe weather, they keep hoodies with them. So, the brand Melanzana designs and makes outdoor clothing that also includes hoodies. Melanzana hoodie is lighter, comfier, and more long-lasting. The best thing is that it is also affordable as it is less expensive than other companies’ products. The hoodies are perfect for athletes and outdoor fanatics. Melanzana uses different types of fabrics to make hoodies for their customers. So, they use Polartec fabrics like Micro Grid, Wind Pro, Hard Face, and High Loft. The Melanzana hoodie is made with OEKO-TEX certified fabrics, which means it is free from various toxic chemicals that are sometimes located in other clothes. Melanzana provides hoodies for men, women, and children. It also comes in different colors and sizes. These hoodies are perfect for your various outdoor sporting activities. 

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High Loft Hoodie is the best-selling product of this brand as it is soft and furry. So you can check the different hoodies for you on their website. Apart from the Melanzana hoodie, you can get other outdoor gear like jackets, vests, dresses, zip tops, beanies, and much more. All this outdoor gears are available in the Melanzana store in Leadville. They also have options for exchange and return, but for that, items must be in like-new condition and unwashed. You can fill their Return & Exchange form. Sadly for anyone not ready to come to Leadville, the brand Melanzana doesn’t sell its gear online.

Melanzana Leadville

The outdoor clothing company Melanzana is located in the middle of the heart of downtown Leadville. They have been present in this natural beauty town for a long time and are doing business successfully. It is true that this brand is very much well known in Leadville, Colorado. It happened just because of the hard-working team of Melanzana and their goal to provide good quality outdoor clothes. The owner also wanted Melanzana to be a local Main Street business and even sacrificed profits. Due to this, the brand is now the local identity of Leadville. The people who come to visit the mountainous town of Leadville mostly appear at the Melanzana store to purchase outdoor clothes for them. They are also successful in making their Main Street community strong. Melanzana Leadville is now both a stop for visitors and also a source of dignity for the local citizens. 

This brand proves how a local business can add to the identity and culture of the whole community. So Melanzana is just more than a brand of outdoor clothes. Another great thing is also that the production of outdoor clothes happens at the store location. The brand designs, sews, and sells all the products right there on site. Customers can also see the sewing machines and bolts of fabric in the facility’s back while they buy products. So if you haven’t visited the Melanzana store, you should do it once for a great experience. The store in Leadville opens from 10 am to 6 pm daily. Also, all the products got sold out very fast, so make sure to check the website for up-to-date in-store inventory status and other things.

Many athletes and outdoor enthusiasts have relied on the products of Melanzana for a long time. So you can also try their products; just visit the Melanzana Leadville store today. You can come in and even talk with their trained staff.


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