Chicken Maison: One Of The Best Restaurants In Town


Mediterranean cuisine is very much famous around the world. It refers to the dishes and methods of preparation utilized by the people of the Mediterranean Basin. Nearly 23 countries are classified as Mediterranean countries, and all carry a different range of flavors to their cuisine. These are the Mediterranean countries: Spain, France, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Syria, Israel, Egypt, Algeria, Libya, Tunisia, and Morocco. These ingredients are always present in this type of cuisine: olive oil, wine, bread, and dried spices. It is also a spot of the world’s best and iconic dishes like pasta, pizza, Greek salad, falafel, pita, Mediterranean-style chicken, and more. So now you can realize that there’s a wide range of foods to try in Mediterranean cuisine. There are also numerous Mediterranean restaurants of all cultures throughout the United States. 

They are giving tasty Mediterranean dishes and also a good dining experience to their customers. People can comfortably visit with their friends and family. You have also wondered where you can eat the best Mediterranean food. If you are looking for an excellent Mediterranean restaurant, then you are at the best place. This article will help you in discovering the perfect restaurant for you. We want to tell you about a wonderful Mediterranean restaurant. You should check regarding this excellent restaurant as they give better quality food, and also got appreciation from the experts. If you want to eat some real Mediterranean food, then this place is fit for you. You will get a wonderful experience, and it will leave you speechless. So below are all the essential things to know about this Mediterranean restaurant:

Chicken Maison

Chicken Maison

Chicken Maison is a very great Mediterranean restaurant in the US. They provide a good variety of Mediterranean food to their customers. This fine-dine restaurant is family-owned and operated. It was started back in 2005 in South Torrance by The Karame Family. Now they are very successful in the restaurant industry. Chicken Maison is developed into a Mediterranean restaurant chain. They have already opened their franchises and are also planning to expand more. Now they have a good identity in providing delicious Mediterranean food to the people. The restaurant has got a positive response from the food critics as well. It is considered the South Bay’s best Mediterranean restaurant. Chicken Maison is best to visit with your family members as the environment of the restaurant is family-friendly. 

The staff members are polite and skilled in their work. They present there when you need them. You will not be going to regret spending your money at this restaurant. It is a budget-friendly restaurant; they provide Mediterranean food at fair prices. It is unique from other restaurants as they provide different varieties of Mediterranean food that are cooked with the best ingredients. In this time of coronavirus pandemic, they are open to provide delicious food to their customers. They are obeying all the protocols and providing a safe experience to their customers. They are also giving safe delivery of food to your home. So you can have a good time at this fantastic Mediterranean restaurant with your family without any tension. Chicken Maison is open Monday to Saturday from 10:30 am to 9 pm.

Chicken Maison Menu

Chicken Maison offers the two meals of the day: lunch and dinner. They serve award-winning food to the customers and also give them a wide selection of modern Mediterranean cuisine with a delightful taste and high quality. So this restaurant has lots of options on its menu for all of you. They have dishes for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians. They provide delicious rotisserie chicken, kabobs, salads, pasta, and much more. It is also very much famous for its one dish that is Mediterranean-style chicken; you should eat this one when you visit here. So if you want to have the best Mediterranean food and an excellent dining experience, you should visit this restaurant.

Chicken Maison menu is not like the average Mediterranean restaurant; they have something for everybody. If you have already prepared to visit them, make sure you understand all about their latest menu as it will spare you a lot of time. So we have come up with the menu of this Mediterranean restaurant for all of you. The menu can also differ amid its locations. Now, what you can do is to get an impression of the dishes of this restaurant. You can find it in this article, and you can just view the newest menu of Chicken Maison, which also includes the prices of the dishes that you can get here. So have a look at the Chicken Maison menu below:


1/4 Chicken Original $10.45
1/2 Chicken Original $13.45
Whole Chicken $21.95
Chicken Feast $42 .95



Chicken Kabob & Vegetable Kabob $11.95
Steak Kabob & Vegetable Kabob $13.95
Kafta Kabob & Vegetable Kabob $13.95
Salmon Kabob & Vegetable Kabob $16.95
Kabob Family Feast $49.95


Caesar Salad $8.95
Kale Chicken Salad $12.95
Lemon Garlic Chicken Salad $12.95
Greek Salad $12.95
Chinese Chicken Salad $12.95
Spicy Baby Spinach Chinese Chicken Salad $12.95
Maison Special Salad $12.95



Gyro Sandwich $9.95
Falafel Sandwich $8.95
Chicken Sandwich $8.95
Gyro Plate $12.95
Falafel Plate $11.95
Mediterranean Veggie Variety $13.95



Fettuccine Pesto $13.45
Fettuccine Alfredo $13.45
Salmon Alfredo $15.95
Spicy Garlic Fettuccine $13.45



Grandma’s Chicken Soup $9.95
Grandpa’s Lentil Soup $9.95



Maisón-Brewed Fresh: $2.25
Fountain Sodas $2.25
Bottled Beverages $3.95
Water $1.75



Maison-Made Baklava $3.75
Maison-Made Brownie $3.95
HoneyStacio Pita Chips $4.95

Locations Of Chicken Maison

Chicken Maison has been raising the standards of Mediterranean food for a long time. They are available at around 9 locations at this moment. You can stay by the location nearest you and discover why everybody loves Chicken Maison. It is receiving much popularity among the people and in the coming moments, they will reach even more places. These are the famous outlets of this restaurant chain: Chicken Maison Torrance, Chicken Maison Gardena, Chicken Maison rolling hills, and Chicken Maison Vermont. 

Chicken Maison photo

If you want to know more about the locations of Chicken Maison, you can visit their official website to locate the ideal place for you. Chicken Maison is also planning to expand more as they will also open a franchise at Fountain Valley Plaza soon.


So in the end, we want to say that if you are looking to eat the best Mediterranean food with your family and friends, then Chicken Maison is perfect for it. You can taste their delicious Chicken, pizza, pasta, kabobs, and much more. If anybody comes to this restaurant, they will undoubtedly discover something for them to eat. This Mediterranean restaurant is for people of all age groups. They not only provide great food but outstanding service. All the staff members are beneficial here to make your time memorable. 

They have been in the restaurant industry for so many years and have successfully become a brand now. So you should put this Mediterranean restaurant on your list and visit it soon to taste their delicious dishes with your loved ones.



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