A Look at Truck GPS And Camera

GPS And Camera

Transport and logistic businesses have been on the rise thanks to online shopping and the need for efficient travel modes. More people are also investing in transport and logistics businesses due to the handsome returns. Fleet management software and tools have come in handy to help fleet owners better manage their transport and logistics firms.

Fleet Management Systems

Fleet management systems perform a plethora of functions in the transport and logistics business. They combine data collected from the drivers and the trucks. The data can identify which drivers need a break, retraining, and can help generate their payrolls based on the trips covered.

Aside from that, the data will include fuel consumption per trip and service schedules of the various cars in the fleet. The data is collected from the GPS tracker and surveillance systems fitted in the vehicle. The fleet management software analyzes the data and presents it in a simple format that the fleet manager can understand.

Truck GPS Tracking Systems

GPS systems have been around for some time now. However, these days, almost all vehicles are fitted with a GPS tracking system that helps drivers while on the road. GPS systems in trucks send real-time data to the fleet managers on the truck’s current location. Drivers also use the GPS and tracking system from Eyeride to identify the shortest routes to their destination.

Transport and logistics companies also share the tracking data with their clients to know the progress of their goods while in transit. Aside from that, GPS data can be used to trace the vehicle in case of an emergency or accident.

Cameras and Surveillance Systems

Nowadays, it is not hard to find a truck or bus fitted with CCTV cameras complete with a DVR box. If you use public transport systems, you might have noticed CCTV cameras fitted in the passenger section.

Truck CCTV cameras are often Powered over Ethernet by the DVR. The DVR usually has an internet connection. As such, it sends the footage captured to the cloud, where it can be accessed remotely by authorized people. Fleet owners can also stream the camera footage in real-time via their phones or PCs. The dashboard camera captures the driver’s activities when she or he is behind the wheel. In some cases, the driver is connected to the truck’s control system, meaning that in case the driver starts dozing off, the vehicle engages self-drive mode and parks itself.

Bottom Line

Car surveillance systems are used to boost the safety of both the car and driver. These days, footage from the surveillance cameras or dash cams is admissible in court in case of an accident. This is essential as it has helped the fleet owner get full coverage from insurance companies in case the driver was not the guilty party. There are plenty of truck GPS and camera systems on the market today. Ensure that you purchase one that has a warranty and features a compact build and design.


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