The Characters of Stargirl



As Geoff Johns‘ acclaimed DC series Stargirl continues to gear up for a much anticipated second season, you may have questions about what makes the series so compelling with fans all over TV land. As with most fictional worlds, the answers lie in the characters whose roles are played out week after week.

Let’s take a moment to explore the characters of DC’s Stargirl and why fans are so excited about this new series.

Stargirl/Courtney Whitmore

The title character of the franchise has lived with her mother in California since she was born. Courtney is a typical teenage girl with no idea of the super-powered struggles surrounding her family. She’s not a fan of her new stepfather or the upsetting move to another state, but she’s determined to make the best of it.

Brec Bassinger played Stargirl once on the DC show Legends of Tomorrow, but her appearance was brief and uncredited. Now, as the title character of this new series, she has the opportunity to show how Courtney has grown. Her youthful optimism and determination to see the best in everyone can encourage the viewers toward the same mindset.

Pat Dugan/Stripesy

Though Courtney isn’t his biggest fan when he first comes into her life, her stepfather Pat Dugan turns out to be a crucial part of her development, both as Stargirl and as a person. Initially, we only know that he’s responsible for the move, but when his stepdaughter stumbles upon his secrets, a lot of revelations quickly come to light.

Pat didn’t mean to let his former super-heroics interfere with his current life and loves. Unfortunately, his enemies and Courtney’s discovery soon eradicate any idea of safety he might have held. Instead, he has to help Courtney form the next generation of the Justice Society of America and teach her how to lead her team.

Luke Wilson, who has acted in numerous comedies, thrillers and dramas, fills the role of Pat Dugan with realistic family dynamics. He struggles with blending two families alongside the super-powered challenges he and Courtney have to deal with, and showcases the bond that he’s able to form as Courtney’s father figure.


Many believe a story is only as good as its villains. You don’t get to see the inner struggles of the Injustice Society of America, but their roles are no less crucial. Courtney and her team have to face several bad guys, including:

  • Brainwave isa telepath who can manipulate the world around him. He’s the first villain Stargirl faces and almost overwhelms the new, untrained superheroine, but she and Pat eventually prevail.
  • Icicle isthe freeze-powered man responsible for the deaths of the previous Justice Society of America. He continues to lead the ISA in Courtney’s time and presents a formidable foe.
  • Tigress is a femme fatale who uses her powerful fighting skills alongside Sportsmaster, an equally unpowered but daunting fighter.
  • The Dragon King isa shadowy figure who performs questionable experiments on himself and others.

When Season 2 of the DC series comes out, viewers can look forward to the cast of characters continuing to expand, even as the beloved leads of Season 1 grow and learn to work together.



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