Top Tips To Maintain Sustained Bone Health

Top Tips To Maintain Sustained Bone Health
Top Tips To Maintain Sustained Bone Health

Bones are easily the most vital element of our physical structure. They serve various essential functions within the body, such as providing it structural integrity, anchoring muscles and tendons, and shielding sensitive organs from external damage. During our childhood and adolescence, bones grow naturally and we reach the highest level of bone mass.

But, as we age and move past the thirty-year mark, bone mass starts to decrease. This is the time when the body is at a heightened risk of Osteoporosis- a chronic condition that leads to weak and brittle bones. The health of bones is directly determined by the life choices that we make.

It is extremely important to maintain bone health throughout our lives because the strength of our physical structure determines whether we have an increased resolve to endure physical stress. If bone density and mass falls below its ideal level, we are likely to suffer from weakness and a greater risk of fractures in the instance of an accident. Below is a list of easy-to-adopt habits that can maintain stellar bone health.

Take a Calcium-Rich Diet

Calcium is the most important element for good bone structure and health. Dieticians recommend a daily dosage of 1000mg per day for adults that are aged between 19-50 years. As we grow beyond the 50-year mark, this dosage increases to 1,200 mg per day.

The most trustable sources of Calcium include dairy products, green vegetables, dry fruits, and salmon. To naturally incorporate these food sources in your diet, it is recommended to try vibrant recipes so that it doesn’t feel like medicine.

Use A Natural Growth-Hormone Facilitator

The growth and health of our bones are intimately determined by the concentration of natural growth hormones in the body. As we age, the ability of the body to release the growth hormone decreases. With this reduction, the body does not only lose its ability to rejuvenate but also suffers from a weak bone structure. In this situation, using a growth hormone facilitator like the HGH Somaderm Gel is super-effective.

Somaderm is a non-invasive somatropin based transdermal gel, that is compatible with the natural growth hormone-secreting systems within the body. It is designed to replicate the naturally existing growth hormone produced by the pituitary gland. Growth hormone is necessary to fight off aging, strengthen our bones, repair and maintain muscles, and give you the experience of youthfully-charged twenties

Maintain Vitamin D Levels

Calcium cannot be absorbed in our bones independently. The process of calcium absorption is facilitated by Vitamin D, hence its sustained levels are equally integral for bone wellbeing. Vitamin D can be sourced from a variety of foods such as fatty fish which include salmon, mackerel, trout, and tuna. Vitamin D is also found in robust and earthy foods such as different cereals, mushrooms, eggs, and milk.

Keep Away From Substance Abuse

If you are looking for a reason to quit smoking, drinking, and drug consumption: add weak bones to the list. In a nutshell, substances like alcohol are toxic for the body and they take a hefty toll when removed from the body. In the case of alcohol, when the toxins are neutralized, they flush away Calcium and Vitamin D with them, resulting in a loss of raw material that sustains bone health.


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