5 ways to preserve your customers in 2020

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The 80/20 rule applies to many aspects of corporate business, but it shows its true importance when it comes to customer retention. In this context, the rule focuses on that for most companies, 80% of the profit comes from only 20% of the customer base.

Of course, this arrangement may mean creating clear problems, which is that if you lose 20% of your customers, this means that you will put 80% of your profits.

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Since preserving customers is essential to the success of your business in e-commerce, this week we highlight 5 different strategies that help you improve the way you keep your customers. Whether you recently entered the business world or have a large presence in the sector, you have to implement these strategies as soon as possible.

Personalize the content

The Internet has evolved dramatically in the last decade and this means that the consumer is expected to have customized services when he is online. For companies, personalizing messages and content means providing a brand consumers want to interact with, and it is known that user-tailored content achieves better results than others.

But to achieve this means that it is necessary to preserve the data in an easily manageable way. The availability of information such as names, email, and demographic data is of great value only if it is easy to use in creating customized content.

Here comes the importance of our second strategy:

Create an effective CRM strategy

Having a strong CRM or customer relationship management strategy may seem obvious, but you will be shocked to know that many companies are not focused on this aspect. All of these companies are making a fatal mistake.

A garden study found that CRM users are 27% more likely to stay as customers after applying this system. Although the uses of CRM do not focus on this aspect, it is an essential way to maintain customers.

Take advantage of Facebook speakers and chat robots

As for small companies, they certainly do not have all the resources to be in service every hour of the day, but the use of automated speakers who follow the automation system can help a lot in customer service. Chat robots are also a new phenomenon, but they are important if you want to communicate with and maintain more customers.

When customers search your site, they want to feel like a priority for you, and an automatic speaker ensures that. A recent study has shown that robot speakers have helped keep customers for much longer than traditional methods.

Consider adding a JimVision to your site

The idea of ​​gamification has been applied in the world of e-commerce for many years and it is still one of the best methods used to draw the attention of users and get them to make purchasing decisions on your site. Gamification is also a unique idea that helps in motivating consumers to make multiple purchases.

Simple elements such as rewards, bonuses, and motivating words help keep customers. Also, when combined with other methods such as customer loyalty programs and email marketing, gamification delivers unparalleled performance and helps you keep customers longer.

Email marketing is an effective way

We have mentioned this point a lot on our blog and we are back to emphasize it today. Email marketing is still one of the best ways to attract consumers and customers to your site. Research shows that emailing loyalty messages helps to keep the user a customer of your site and helps you generate more profits.

The secret of this aspect’s success is that you collect the most possible data about users when you prepare these messages. Having more information about consumers means there is a more way to divide and customize your messages (as in the first strategy) which means that you can communicate better with the audience.


Maintaining customers is an essential aspect of the success of any company in the field of electronic commerce, and it plays a pivotal role in the growth of the brand. The good side here if you want to focus on this is that you often have 20% of customers who can support this growth. Instead of waiting for them to take the next step, you have to go ahead and implement these five strategies to see significant growth in your business.


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