5 Tricks To Beat The Billiard Player Who Always Beats You


You go to the quadrant, you look for your name, and you think: “Shit, again it touches me with the black beast.” We all have some cursed billiards that we are unable to beat. We have the measure well taken. 


There is plenty of levels to beat him, but we never do it because we think we never did. We give a thousand laps to past defeats and forget the most important thing: the game we must play now. Do you want to remedy this situation? 


Keep reading. In today’s billiards council, I am going to give you five tricks so that you can learn to change this negative dynamic and beat the billiard player who always beats you.


1. Analyze why you lost the other times

What did I do wrong in previous meetings with this rival? What caused the defeat? What do I need to change? The first step is to analyze the mistakes you made to find a solution. 


If you played too cheery, try to be more defensive; if at first, you speculated, put the batteries from the pluck. And if you already gave up before playing, very bad! I’m sure you lost a lot of those games for the simple fact that you played against your black beast, the one you always lose against. It is time to change the chip. 


“I’ve always lost, yes, but today is going to be different. I’m going to play pool the way I know, and I’m going to give it my all.” So I like it more.


2. Forget the past and focus on the present

After analyzing the past, forget about it. You already know what you did wrong and what you must change to avoid making the same mistakes again. So now focus on the most important thing, the present, today’s game. 


The more mental space you dedicate to all those defeats you had, the fewer options you will have to achieve victory. Fancy changing the streak once and for all, don’t you? Well, stop stories and go for it. Today, now, that’s what matters.


3. Take advantage of the fact that the opponent is relaxed

Before playing, you know that you have always lost against him (or her), and he (or she) knows that he has always won against you. 


That means that your opponent unconsciously starts with a bit more confidence than you. But don’t worry because that may be a double-edged sword. “I have won it every time, so today will be easy …”. Meeec, error. 


Take advantage of the fact that the rival is relaxed, thinking that this will be a hallway, and catch him off guard. Likely, he does not put 120% of his efforts on each ball, do it yourself, and you will see the difference.


4. Think today is the best day to change the streak

Today can be a great day, and today I’m going to change the streak. Before playing, hold the billiard cue, visualize (close your eyes and imagine) the match.


Imagine that you are at the table enjoying each shot, reading the games well, and taking advantage of all the opportunities. What you think is what you attract. By doing this exercise, you will have more possibilities to attract positive results and reach the goal: change the streak.


5. Be aware of your possibilities

How far can you get? If you played 100 times with this player, how many do you think would be victorious? It is vital to know what our possibilities are and to be realistic. 


If you compete against a champion or a professional, it is logical that you lose often. Take it as a challenge to improve. But if you’re up against a billiard player of your level, that’s where these five tricks come into play. Be aware of your potential, trust your game, and stay positive. So things usually go well, but ask Hawkins.

Barry Hawinks knew that he hadn’t won Ronnie O’Sullivan in 14 years. In fact, in his entire career, he had only beaten him once, at the 2002 Scottish Open. And last Monday, his moment came in the knockout stages of the World Snooker Championship. 

The dream day arrived. In the Crucible, against the best player of all time, in front of all eyes and the decider (13-12). Hawkins analyzed what he had done wrong to correct it, thought that this could be his big day, and went for it, aware of its possibilities. Consequence: won. If you work hard to kiss the glory, you end up kissing it.


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