Zooey Deschanel’s Romance With Jonathan Scott Actually Makes A Lot of Sense! Here’s Why?

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What, likewise, the couple feels like one of the most unlikely confrontations of the year. But when broken down, the illusionist contractor becomes a reality and the actress, singer and businesswoman really have many points in common, much more than the love shared by the music and movies that most couples possess.

Ignoring any adorkable quality that fans may believe they have, a term that Deschanel would like to exclude from his narrative, their lives have taken somewhat similar trajectories.

Each one has been subjected to blows and bruises that accumulate while trying to find the person they should live with.

After a teenage romance with the actor and screenwriter Jason Schwartzman, he New girl alum believed he had found her forever in Death Cab for Cutie’s leader Ben Gibbard.

Zooey Deschanel's Romance With Jonathan Scott Actually Makes A Lot of Sense! Here's Why?
Zooey Deschanel’s Romance With Jonathan Scott Actually Makes A Lot of Sense! Here’s Why?

Committed in 2008, the same year they started dating, they married in 2009 only to divorce two years later, the resulting legal proceedings set out their financial records, among other things.

“It felt strange, but I feel good about how I handled my finances,” he told Marie Claire In 2013, paperwork revealed such shocks as the fact that the star delivers $ 1,500 to charities every month.

“It felt like rape, but once you get over it, you say, Well, if it’s out there, it’s out there”.

In addition, there is the entire Deschanel gardening initiative, Lettuce Grow.

While it is not so much a design option as a means to help people access their own fresh greens, their vertical garden is designed “to be beautiful and easily adapt to the aesthetics of people’s living spaces, both outdoors and indoors, “his former Pechinek, still a business partner, said Architectural summary, so we could see a possible Property Brothers collaboration there.

As for Deschanel’s appointment wish list, it’s pretty simple.

Presumably, she would prefer someone with guts, saying Elle that a childhood that often passed outside the cliques gave him the kind of tenacity necessary to entertain himself.

“Nothing has been easy for me, and I think it’s something really good,” he told the magazine.

It seems likely then, that she would relate to Scott’s story that her wizard dreams vanished when an illusionist companion stole her production, leaving him without a show and an $ 80,000 debt.

Two decades later, he left bankruptcy firmly in the rearview mirror, building a multi-million dollar home improvement empire with Drew that shows no signs of collapsing.


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