Robert Irwin Says He’s ‘So Stoked’ to Walk Big Sister Bindi Down the Aisle at Her Wedding

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Wedding bells are in the air for Bindi Irwin – and her younger brother Robert Irwin maybe even more excited!

The 15-year-old conservationist – who recently graduated high school to concentrate on her work at the Australia Zoo – tells people at the time of the 100th incident Thursday night that it was her older sister’s decision to walk her down It was an honour to be asked. On her upcoming wedding day.

21-year-old Bindi asked her, “Oh, I was just so shocked.” “I was so excited and really honoured to ask him to walk down the aisle for me.”

“I think it’s going to be such a wonderful day, such a great celebration,” he continues. “Chandler is absolutely right. I can’t accept her fault, she’s terrible. “

Robert Irwin Says He’s ‘So Stoked’ to Walk Big Sister Bindi Down the Aisle at Her Wedding

Bindi first told Entertainment Tonight that “it would be really important that Robert lead me to the corridor.”

“I’m always so grateful that Robert is there, and he’s been such a big part of my life and he’s always moved forward and is going to hug me when I need to and encourage me to move forward in life,” He told the outlet.

“Then he will definitely be the one to take me down the aisle when the time comes, and I think that will make it really special.”

But when Robert finds Bindi’s fiancée Chandler Powell “right”, he jokes that he’s putting Florida’s wakeboarder with the works at the zoo “for trial” where the Irwin family lives and works.

He is also from phase one of Bindi’s wedding planning – he has previously stated that he prefers to nominate Idris Elba at the wedding – and tells people that things are looking “interesting” as soon as the plan takes shape.

“Bindi is really trying to involve all of us in wedding planning,” he says. “We’re trying to say, ‘This is your wedding, you do what you want to do,’ but yes, she is definitely engaging all of us and she has some really real thoughts of getting out. Are getting

Robert says that Bindi wants the wedding to be “a fun celebration”, but still a “simple kind”, and that “all people of friends and family” will be invited.
“So I think it’s going to be really good,” he says.

And what would an Irwin be without some wild critters?

“It’s at the zoo, so it’s a wedding with animals,” Robert says.

Amidst the planning, one important detail for Bindi is in mind: how she will honour her late father, Steve Irwin at the ceremony.

The Animal Planet star previously stated that the wedding would include “little bits of Dad” who would feel as if he was with us.

“We will have a candlelight ceremony,” she said last month. “So we can all rise up as a small family and light a candle in our honour and share a few words on what a wonderful father was and still is.”


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