Poldark’ Season 5, Episode 8 Recap: That’s All Folks

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The curtain has fallen on Poldark. The jam-packed final episode aired November 17 on PBS, neatly wrapping up the story of Ross and Demelza.

The characters fans have come to love all got the happy endings viewers likely wanted, while the show’s villains got their comeuppance. Read on to find out more.

Ross has a plan

Last week, Ross warned Dwight that his behavior in the future would appear strange. It’s now several months later, and Ross is indeed behaving very oddly. He’s in neck-deep with the French, who are planning to invade Britain.

Poldark’ Season 5, Episode 8 Recap: That’s All Folks

Among his conspirators is Tess, who’s fallen hard for Ross. Ross seems charmed by her as well, or at least he’s pretending to be for the sake of whatever scheme he’s cooked up.

But the real question is, could Ross really be contemplating an affair with the woman who tried to burn down his house with his family inside? It seems unlikely, but Demelza is crushed to learn that Ross has strayed again.

Merceron and Hanson plot revenge

Corrupt magistrate Merceron and his slave-trading half-brother Hanson apparently have nothing better to do than lurk about Cornish pubs and plot their revenge on Ross.

When George and Cary spot Ross engaged in some illegal (and likely treasonous) smuggling activity, they get the ammunition they need to take him down. Sinister smirking ensues.

Demelza and Ross have a tense conversation about the role of honesty in a marriage. When it’s clear that Ross isn’t going to tell her the truth about Tess, she takes the children, Prudie, and the family dog and decamps to Killewarren to stay with the Enyses.

Ross meets with the French

General Toussaint arrives at Nampara to plot the French invasion. Merceron learns of his arrival, and soon he, Hanson, and the Warleggans are gleefully anticipating Ross’s execution.

But is that a trace of misgiving we see pass across George’s face? Toussaint gives a very detailed explanation of his plan to Ross, not realizing that Dwight, once again roped into one of Ross’s dangerous schemes, is hiding under the floorboards and taking notes on their conversation.


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