“Dragon Age 4” Announces to be Out on December 4- Full Details inside

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Dragon Age Day began as an unofficial fan event on Dec fourth of last year. The Dragon Age Day Twitter page mentions that the location could be a fan creation, and not attached with BioWare.

However, BioWare themselves are going to be taking part during this year’s event. “Today marks ten years of Dragon Age”, their tweet reads.

“This year we tend to excited to affix the community’s party on Dec fourth and celebrate a decade along within the world we all love. See you on 12/4 for Dragon 4ge Day!” Fans were quick to notice the “Dragon 4ge Day” bit, and reacted with huge excitement, wondering whether a reveal of Dragon Age 4 was imminent.

“Dragon Age 4” Announces to be Out on December 4- Full Details inside

It has been 5 years since Dragon Age: Inquisition free, and a decade of the franchise marks a monumental moment. Yet we all know from BioWare’s earnings decision that the earliest we tend to may hope to envision a replacement Dragon Age is April of 2022, over 2 years from currently.

This makes it a bit tougher to imagine what BioWare may need in mind for connection Dragon Age Day to celebrate.

Some area unit dubious regarding whether or not we’ll hear something regarding Dragon Age four, a difference that Dragon 4ge Day was the first name of the event. The Dragon Age Day event includes everything from live streams to art prompts, fanfics and giveaways; therefore maybe BioWare is obtaining concerned in one thing like that.

Yet the last we tend to detected of stories for Dragon Age is once a replacement Dragon Age game was excited at 2018’s Game Awards, therefore it is not possible to imagine that BioWare could have some update or data in-store, however minor.

Either way, Dec fourth, Dragon Age Day, are going to be extremely anticipated, and we’ll make certain to update you with no matter Dragon Age news there’s.

As to what the foremost recent version of Dragon Age four appears like, it’s apparently too early to inform. In the interview with Game source in June 2018, BioWare’s Casey Hudson said that we do have people that square measure working out what a next Dragon Age would seem like signaling that Dragon Age four is completely in development.


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