Bella Thorne’s Fans Are ‘Disappointed’ In Her Instagram Post Promoting a Weight Loss App

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There are plenty of controversial celebrities, and one of the relative newcomers is Bella Thorne. Thorne first attained fame through the Disney Channel but has since gone her own way — and she’s made her free-spirited attitude known.

From releasing her own nude photos to getting involved in the adult film industry to creating provocative posts on Instagram, she’s no stranger to fan backlash, either.

Thorne has made it clear she’s unconcerned with the media hate, as she’s branched out into the worlds of music, makeup, and filmmaking despite the negativity.

Bella Thorne’s Fans Are ‘Disappointed’ In Her Instagram Post Promoting a Weight Loss App

While she certainly has plenty of fans who back up her endeavors, one of her Instagram promotions really missed the mark. Here’s what she posted. Throne continues to cause controversy With over 20 million followers, Thorne has been posting her life to Instagram and attaining an audience for quite some time.

But many of her “artistic” endeavors have missed the mark with her fans. In October, it was her Halloween makeup that startled her fan base.

The star posted photos of her covered in makeup to make it look like her face was physically beaten, and many thought it was totally offensive to those in domestic violence situations. Promoted the Flat Tummy App 

Aside from some of her more abrasive social media posts, Thorne’s partnerships are also causing an uproar. She took to Instagram to share a post of her in full workout gear doing a “lower-body challenge” with no equipment.

The top right corner of the post features the “Flat Tummy” logo, as that’s the company Thorne’s paid to promote. Thorne suggested to her followers in her Instagram caption that they should download the Flat Tummy App. Some serious backlash 

Thorne’s followers certainly aren’t happy with the post. A few called out that she had a naturally thin physique that clearly wasn’t helped by the Flat Tummy App. And others were surprised to see Thorne in workout clothes since she appears to never workout otherwise.


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