Tory Lanez Released ‘Chixtape 5’ featuring Lil Wayne, Snoop Dogg, and More

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unnamed file 43

The Canadian-bred rapper shared the project on Thursday night, nearly nine years after Chixtape and nearly three years after Chixtape 4.

“The Chixtape series is something that has a cult following,” Lenz told the wrap-up last week. “The Chixtape series is bigger than Tory Lenz.

I know that means a lot to [my fans], bringing it back because they felt it was going to happen at the end of 4. It was a more important part of the moment have to experience.”

Chixtape 5 consists of eighteen tracks, including a handful of skits. As in the previous installments, the project weighs in on the specimens, as it features tracks ranging from classic hip-hop and R&B tracks to Lil Wayne and T-Pain to jagged edges and jawbone Dupree and Ashanti, Whoever appears. Chixtape 5 Cover Art.

Tory Lanez Released ‘Chixtape 5’ featuring Lil Wayne, Snoop Dogg, and More

“I tried to find my favorite songs and songs that people were going to like, ‘You’re Not to Get That Clear,’ or Like, ‘It’s Just Big,’ or ‘It’s Just Too Classic for You.” .. ‘Lenz said this time what have I aimed for it.

Tory was able to work with some of her favorite artists on Chixtape 5 and Billboard “showed love” with everyone and didn’t hesitate to jump on the album. Tory said, “Maia surprised me.

I think Maia’s confirmed it, but I think Chris kept his point as well,” Tory said, “I didn’t expect him to be hooked. Will do his talk with Stuff on ‘Take You Down’. Trey Songz. I did a great job.

He definitely surprised me because it’s always weird to go back to something you made such a big record The issue is, you know?

The fact that he came back and like showing next to a beat that much? Was originally green – it’s just dope. “Give it a sprain and let us know what you think.


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