Apple Music aggregates users’ top-played songs of the year’ Replayed

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Music lovers often want to align or tweak their favorite songs to their playlists all the time. Apple seems to have read the minds of its users and has now launched a new replay feature on Apple Music.

Unlike Rapped, however, Apple’s tech is constantly refreshed and updated throughout the year, meaning a change in the playlist to develop user tastes, TechCrunch reports. Playlists and metadata are used to update the dynamic Apple Music Replay on Sunday, according to Apple.

According to one report, Apple Music Replay not only comes with the users’ favorite music from the previous year, but it also offers all the tunes that users have been listening to since they launched Apple back in 2015. Was subscribed to the music.

Apple Music aggregates users’ top-played songs of the year’ Replayed

The report states that Apple Music Replay creates custom playlists for each year that can be shared and even provides details including artists and albums. It also informs users about the songs they have listened to the most. The report further states that Apple is assuring weekly updates to existing playlists by the end of the year.

The new playlist is available on the Apple Music app on your iPhone, iPad and Mac devices. To access replays on the web, users can go to A page will open with a button that says ‘Get your replays mix’.

Once you click the button, it will ask for your Apple ID. After providing the details, Apple Music Replay 2019 will create a playlist of the most played songs by the users. It will also have playlists, including songs that users listen to since they have subscribed to Apple Music.

Although many people may feel that Apple Music Reply is very similar to Spotify’s “Wrapped” feature, it may prove beneficial to former users as it will help them remember the songs they once played the most. Were heard more.

The Apple Music replay will be available throughout the year, unlike Spotify’s “Wrapped” which is available for a specific timeframe.


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