Ubisoft: Rainbow Six Siege Year 5 Season 1’s weapons list Revealed

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Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Seige soon secures Operation Shifting Tides, the fourth and final update of 2019, headlined by new Operators Kali and Wamai.

What appears to be confirmation of Year 5 Season 1 weapon load-outs, almost three months ahead of the scheduled Six Invitational 2020 reveal after another day, with another leak from Ubisoft.

Ubisoft recently kicked off the Rainbow Six Siege Test Server (TS) on PC, serving as a closed testing environment to nail down balancing and bugs before launch. It provides the primary active chance with the most recent season, although framed as a work-in-progress build separated from the live client.

That conjointly brings some rough edges, exposing what appears to be the first Operators dropping with Year 5 Season 1 next year.

Ubisoft: Rainbow Six Siege Year 5 Season 1’s weapons list Revealed

Digging up single-weapon cosmetic skins in the TS client displays the usual line-up of compatible Operators, now accompanied by “Y5S1 ATK” or “Y5S1 DEF” icons, labeled “NOT READY FOR TESTING.” Searching the full Rainbow Six roster confirms seven planned firearms, seemingly detailing the full load-outs for next season.

It seems Year five Season one can still use existing weapons, assuming current plans translate to the final release. The aggressor can receive the G36C and ARX200, former staples of Ash and Nomad, accompanied by the MK1 9mm pistol introduced alongside Canadian Operators.

The unannounced defender will pack the option of an MP5 and SPAS-12, alongside the USP40 semi-automatic pistol and beastly Bailiff 410 revolver.

Previous reputable rainbow six siege leaks detailed operation shifting tides plans, accompanied by a tease of what lies with Year 5. Ubisoft introduces an Operator capable of charging through soft walls in 2020, comparable to the infamous “Kool-Aid man” commercials of the late 20th century.

Previous Ubisoft teasers allude to Greece as an upcoming Year 5 nation but remain unconfirmed until the full roadmap reveals. In the meantime, look into our full roundup of Year five details for a lot of in-depth analysis of 2020 plans.


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