New patent Revealed PS5 will use cartridges

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A patent from Sony has surfaced online and it seems to suggest that the upcoming PlayStation 5 might make use of some old-school tech in the form of game cartridges.

Of course, there are still companies that prefer to sell their games on cartridges as opposed to discs, but if it weren’t for the Nintendo Switch then these things would be all but extinct at this point.

If the Nintendo Switch does not still use a kind of cassette, we would fear that many younger games will not even know what they are. But for some reason, Sony brings back the concept for the PlayStation 5.

It’s probably not about saving games, but a patent was found on a Brazilian legal website on the Dutch website LetsGoDigital. The cartridge design was created by Yujin Morisawa, Senior Art Director of the Corporate Design Center at Sony Interactive Entertainment.

New patent Revealed PS5 will use cartridges

Although we doubt that it took him a long time because the picture looks like a normal game cartridge from the 90s.

It does not say anything about whether the explosion processing is possible. For whom it was designed, the burning question of why it is so, because Sony has never tapes used for anything in their home consoles, and in these days of digital distribution, they seem less relevant than ever to keep the format of the N64, rather than use CDs, and inspire Sony to join the game industry after discontinuing the Nintendo PlayStation project.

Cartridges were important to Nintendo’s pay-line because only they could manufacture them and this enabled them to charge third-party lucrative royalties to allow their games to appear on Nintendo formats.

As for the image itself, it is not terribly detailed, and as such, is a bit ambiguous. But it sure looks precisely like a cartridge, and it is hard to imagine it could be anything else.

Right now, anything further we could say about it would just be pure speculation.


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