Down Syndrome in children may result in Arthritis: Finds New Study

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A new study that is planned to be presented at the Annual Meeting- 2019 of ACR/APR has found out that Down-Syndrome in Children increases the chances of Arthritis. Arthritis is a bone joint disease, a type of Arthropathy which is the name of the family.

There are many types of Arthropathy, the study has found one such type of Arthropathy prevalent in children with Down Syndrome.

Down Syndrome is a disorder caused due to genetic mutation. Particularly mutation in chromosome number 21, that leads to additional genetic material causes Down Syndrome.

The advances in science and culture which have helped people & parents with Down syndrome to lead a happy and normal life. Despite the advancements, the fact that Down syndrome brings with it a lot of mental and physical development issues, cannot be denied. And now the latest study that points out to the Down-Syndrome-Arthropathy is an add-on.

Down Syndrome in children may result in Arthritis: Finds New Study

Juvenile Arthropathy is not new and thus shouldn’t be shocking as more than 300,000 children in the United States of America are diagnosed and suffers from one or the other type of Chronic Arthropathy. But according to the new findings, the Down-Syndrome-Arthritis is a more common form of Arthritis in Children compared to the other type of Arthritis in Children like Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis.

Down-Syndrome-Arthritis despite being so common, mostly remains undiagnosed. Because the disease remains undiagnosed at the onset and till the later stage, by the time it is reported, the joints of the children are damaged to a considerable amount making the child disabled.

Scientists from Ireland, seeing the amount of data on the Down-Syndrome-Arthritis to be so less, decided to find out whether Arthritis in Down Syndrome cannot be diagnosed and is missed in the initial stage or not.

After the screening of 503 (0-21yrs) children with Down Syndrome, the lead author of the study, Charlene M. Foley, MBBS, BSc, Ph.D., who is a clinical researcher at the National Centre for Pediatric Rheumatology at Crumlin, Ireland in the Our Lady’s Children’s Hospital confirmed that the rate of children suffering from Arthritis is 20 per 1000.

While the scientists suggest more research for better treatment and early diagnosis of the disease, they also have suggested a name, ‘Down syndrome-associated arthritis’ to segment this Arthropathy from other types highlighting its erosive & inflammatory nature.


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