Poor Family Relationships Can Make You Sick_ Finds New Research

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Who doesn’t want to be happy? That’s a silly question! We all want to have a blissful life. But what remains mysterious is how our grey matters react to situations when we are subjected to troubles and family drama. 

As per a recent study, the quality of the relationship that one has with the extended family (parents, siblings, aunts, and uncles) has a direct impact on the health of the individual. The study also unveiled another groundbreaking fact; people who do not have good relationships with their extended family often suffer from chronic illness! 

The study looked into the data gathered from 3000 participants from 1995 to 2014. The average age of the participants during the first half of the interview was forty-five. 

Poor Family Relationships Can Make You Sick_ Finds New Research

The critical point of the study comprised of the candidates being asked to evaluate their relationship and interaction with their parents and partners at three points during these 19 years. The data received was then assessed against the chronic ailments faced by candidates from stroke to headaches. 

The general questions asked to candidates included:

Does your spouse or partner appreciate you?

How often do you argue with your partner? 

The study revealed that greater family issues led to more chronic ailments among participants. While the study emphasized the quality of relationships between the partners, it also gave importance to the kind of relationship between the other members of the family. 

But the question remains, how does dysfunctional family relationships affect health? One of the crucial reasons can be the changing nature of marriage and the rising rate of divorce.

As per this study more than conjugal relationships, direct relationships with the family bis essential. This is because marriage is failing as an institution.

In the current times, most adults are reluctant to get married; even if they do, they are less likely to stay married with the same person for the rest of their lives. But family is forever, and thus the quality of relationship with the family members remains crucial. 


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